Joe List’s Scary Altercation in Downtown Austin

You Can’t Fake It – Owning The Room

In order to be a successful speaker, you have to own the room. In order to own the room during a speaking gig, you have to visualize it in your mind (and more!).

Thoughts About Adrian Rogers’ Sermons

This article will contain a brief look into Adrian Rogers sermons and his approach to expository preaching. Christianity and the work of the church was altered when Rogers died. Yet he left for us countless sermons and works related to the ministry so we can continue in more effective Christian service.

Top Secret For You To Be A Success As A Public Speaker

Public Speaking. Speaking in Public. Speaking to a large group of people.

The Eulogy – Allowing For Your Emotions

I recently attended my uncle’s memorial service and it was wonderful to watch 4 of his 6 children talk about him. There is no doubt that all were experiencing butterflies as they stood at the lectern but they did an excellent job controlling their nervousness. The expression of their emotions, however, varied greatly.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Effective preparation = effective microphone usage in presentations. Are you preparing to speak at a conference or large business gathering? If so, you may need to use a microphone to allow your audience to hear and participate in your presentation. Here are three tips to help you present effectively using a microphone and to make it easier for your audience to understand and appreciate your message.

Is a Voice Improvement Workshop Something You Should Consider?

Today there are numerous ways you can improve the sound of your speaking voice. There are books, CDs, DVDs, webinars, private sessions, group sessions and even Skype. I find that one of the most effective means of discovering your ‘real’ voice is the 2-day workshop.

Speakers Learn To Make Tasty Speeches By Adding Just The Right Spices

What will your audience remember longer: your next speech or a great meal that they’ve just had? I hate to admit it, but I’m willing to bet that despite the importance of public speaking, the meal has a better chance to stay on their mind than our speeches. Why is that? Could it be that the meal did a better job of using spices to create a lasting memory?

Fear, Anxiety, Curiosity: FUEL for Public Speaking

This will be the FIRST time you will read some of the innovative ways of overcoming stage fright and being a delicious Public Speaker. Using the energy of anxiety and fear as fuel for excitement to speak; RECEIVING the energy of your audience before speaking – a brilliant difference from ordinary suggestions; looking at your audience as if through a window instead of looking into a mirror of self criticism; grounding your consciousness within your body to enrich your voice naturally; and truly connecting with your audience.

Stage Fright? Put Down Your Notes and Tell Me A Story

Stage Fright – if you have ever made a presentation, you know what stage fright is. You can however, dramatically reduce your fear of making presentations if you understand how telling stories can connect you to your audience while banishing your jangling nerves. The best part of using stories to make your point, is that it makes you a better, more convincing speaker, and keeps your stomach where it belongs.

Learning From Great Speakers – Isabel Allande – Tales of Passion

One of the most inspiring speeches I have heard from a woman was delivered by author and feminist, Isabel Allende at the TED conference in 2008. A great model for all aspiring women speakers. What we can all learn from this speech is the power of storytelling.

Two Simple Rules To Help Women Massively Improve Their Public Speaking

I recently read some public speaking advice for women suggesting using video to analyse your faults and then writing out the speech in full. I believe that advice is exactly what you MUST NOT do because it will heighten your stress and anxiety and result in a boring speech. A better approach is to focus on getting the content right and let the presentation take care of itself.

Double Your Sales From the Stage (5 Tips)

Giving people a way to work with you beyond the speech is a valuable service that you offer. Here are 5 tips that could double your sales from the stage!

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