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3 Secrets Speakers Use To Add Stories To Their Speeches

Would they rather just get to that next thing and skip your speech? For many speakers this can be the case (especially if they are speaking just before lunch is to be served). In order to fix this problem, you’re going to have to add some stories to your next speech and that means you’re going to have to discover the 3 secrets of doing that correctly.

Speaking for Leads

I love to write – creatively as well as for business. So last year I decided to take a course at a nearby college to learn how to hone this skill. I learned a very valuable lesson that REALLY should be the GOLDEN RULE for your marketing.

Top 10 Killer PowerPoint Presentation Tips

Looking for PowerPoint presentation tips? Here’s 10 killer tips to take your PowerPoint presentation to the next level…

Project Power When You Speak

A good voice can persuade, convince and move people. Find out how you can set the tone and command attention.

A Monotonous Voice Can Kill Your Career!

Have you noticed that more and more teenagers and adults today no longer speak English as it should be spoken? It’s a beautiful language which has colour, vibrancy and more importantly musical rhythm in it.

Public Speaking Tips: How to Conclude a Presentation

Finishing is generally everyone’s favorite part of presenting or public speaking. It’s the time when you can relax, sit down and rest your body and mind – but your conclusion is not the time to ‘wind down’ your presentation.

Say It With Style

Here are five ways to help you make a dynamic presentation! Let’s learn to present like Steve Jobs!

Master the Way You Use Your Voice

Be it a business engagement or an everyday conversation, we all want to be heard and taken seriously. Learn to make better use of your vocal chords to win friends and influence people.

How Good Of A Speaker You Are Depends On How Well You See Yourself

Every speaker wants the same thing – to become a better speaker. The challenge that we all have is that although we understand the importance of public speaking, often we don’t know what we need to change in order to become better. The secret to solving this problem is to take the time to see ourselves the way that our audience does.

Make Your Opening Remarks Memorable – Persuasive Speaking

Speaking in public is an art form that should be taken more seriously. Most speakers fumble through a message/presentation, whether it is for Christian or business circles (and you wonder why you don’t enlarge your customer or parishioner base). In the next few articles experience a few tips to make your message resonate with your audience…

Using Voice Inflection in the Art of Public Speaking

Keeping an audience engaged in your public speech is very important. Learn how to use voice inflection to improve your public speaking skills.

The Power of Examples in the Art of Public Speaking

In mastering the art of Public Speaking, using examples to support your statements is a powerful way to convince your audience. Learn the techniques to giving examples a way for your audience to engage and retain your content.

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