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Tips For Making a Speech That’s Good

Doing a speech can be one of the worst feelings in the world. There are some that say it is the most popular fear of most people. To stand in front of a group of expectant people, for some reason brings out the fear in most people.

Speak Powerfully

To speak powerfully is a learned skill. You can also become a powerful speak if you master the three powerful skills. Read the article…

Media Training Tips: Eye-line and Body Language

The luxury of being interviewed on the radio is that you do not have to worry about what you look like or how you are dressed – you just have to concentrate on what you are saying. On TV though, there is nowhere to hide. So you need to ensure that you are creating the right impression – what you look like and how you come across create more of an initial impact than what you actually say.

Public Speaking – The Importance Of Body Language

Are you a confident speaker? Many may think that they are but when looking at their body language it tells a whole different story. The real problem with being a confident speaker is not how well you prepare or how well you string sentences together. Its absolutely about what you project as you stand up in front of people. Body language is critically important and you have to project strength, confidence and self assurance if you really want to command attention.

Speak Easy, Join Your Community Theatre

Public speaking is not a natural act. It’s a scary proposition for most people. But it can be learned in a relatively relaxed environment with people who are sympathetic to the nervous beginner.

Spice Up Your Presentation With Vocal Variety

The opposite of vocal variety is not monotone. Rather, it’s always speaking in a same pattern, be it always speaking fast, speaking with a booming voice, or speaking softly, speaking slowly.

Myths of Volume and Pitch

Most people can’t differentiate volume and pitch. It’s rarely explained clearly in public speaking courses as well. When being asked to raise their volume, most people end up shouting. Cynthia explained clearly the difference with examples.

Free From Hoarseness

Are you suffering from vocal fatigue or hoarseness after talking for long hours? To free from it is mission possible!

Eliminate That Nasality

Nasality can be very annoying. It projects an image that may not be you. Even worse, sometimes you may not realize you have a nasal sound. How to check whether you have nasality or not, as well as how to get rid of it and voice out the true you?

Top 5 Misconceptions About Voice

You are your voice. Your voice tells a lot about you. Yet most people do not have wrong perceptions on voice and voice training.

Take Care of Your Vocal Image

You probably have invested a lot on personal development, personal grooming, self-affirmation, etc. but you still didn’t get the respect you desire when you talk in front of a group or speak up in meetings. You may have overlooked your most powerful tool, your voice. Learn more from Cynthia’s article.

From Passive to Assertive – Harness the Power of Your Voice

Do you find it hard to be assertive after learning and trying all the tips offered by experts? You probably overlooked the most powerful tool you have, your voice. It’s not just to put more volume in your voice. It’s more than sounding strong.

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