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The Instructional Speech – 7 Tips for Speaking to Adults

It is quite common to be asked to give a presentation or a speech that is informative in nature. This can be in a business setting or community or civic groups. Many people find this to be a task that they would rather not do. They don’t want to come across as boring or uninspiring. With careful preparation and an understanding of how adults learn, you can do this with great success.

What to Do With Your Hands

When delivering a presentation many people have the fear of what to do with their hands. However, this fear often materializes whilst you’re in the middle of a presentation.

Public Speaking – 5 Powerful Tips for Persuasive and Captivating Presentations

Continue reading and discover how to deliver a persuasive and powerful presentation. No matter how big or small your audience is, the foundation for delivering a captivating presentation depends on your ability to build context. This is not about articulation, the use of language, vocal variety, filler words, verbal crutches, hand gestures, etc. This is more valuable than just technical speaking skills. It’s about how to connect with, and engage your audience.

Concluding Your Speech – 3 Keys to Closing Your Speech With Impact

People remember longest the last thing they hear. If you want your message to be remembered, you must end your speech positively and forcefully. Here are some techniques for creating effective endings.

Presenting an Opposing View – 5 Tips to Succeed

The time might come when you have to present a proposal or presentation in which you are offering an opposing view. That can be a very uncomfortable situation. No one ever enjoys “swimming upstream” but it can be done tactfully and with conviction.

Three Keys to Audience Engagement: 1, 2 and a Twist

Businesses today need to tease maximum value out of every dollar spent but the issue is especially acute when it comes to promotion: every word people read about your business contributes to their perception of it and that can translate into dollars earned — or lost – in the blink of an eye. Here are three tips for engaging your audience.

TALK: 4 Simple Steps to Effective Public Speaking

Speaking well in public is not that difficult – providing you understand the basics and you have a plan. TALK is an acronym for the four steps you need to remember to be more polished in front of a group.

Increase Your Articulation in Speech

One of the challenges that a good number of foreign speakers of the English language will usually face is the ability to excel when it comes to good pronunciation of words. This is so because of the fact that many do not know that it is not just enough to be able to identify correctly the sounds that exist in the words whether they are vowels or consonants, it is also very important to be able to match the correct stress pattern with the word in question. The bottom line is that you may be able to identify correctly the vowel and consonant sounds in a particular word but if you miss the correct stress pattern, you will still end up mispronouncing the word.

8 Tips to Make Your Speech More Effective

If you are not a professional speaker it can be very intimidating to have to make a speech or presentation in front of your peers or strangers. Professional speakers have a lot of training to fall back on but with a little effort you can present your speech in a very effective and professional way.

The Purpose Of A Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker is a person who speaks on a professional basis to large groups of people. Here we look at what a motivational speaker is and what you need to possess in order to be successful in this profession.

The Power Of Telling Authentic Stories In a Low Trust World

As a speaker or writer, it is difficult to have people believe in the message we try to create. Whether it is to encourage people to take action, or to inform them about changes that are taking place in a myriad of situations, or convincing people to look at and engage with a new idea, people have difficulty in trusting the message and the messenger. You may well ask, “What is the reason for this?”

How to Overcome Your Nervousness

Do you feel nervous when leading meetings or speaking in public? Many people do. Fear of public speaking is, according to research, the single greatest fear of people in developed countries. If you feel nervous some of the time and that it would be useful to have some tactics for overcoming nervousness.

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