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Attention Getters in Public Speaking

When it comes to getting your audiences attention humor is a great tool. There are many people who decide to become public speakers for one reason or another, and the real smart ones, have learned, using humor is a very effective tool, in not only relaxing the audience, but it’s a great way to make a point. You know people only remember half of what they see and even less of what they hear, it has to do with that tuning out thing in our heads, that we’ve come to rely on…

What’s Your Tag Line?

So don’t get me wrong, I love Toastmasters. It’s a great organization and I’ve been a member since forever. However, it’s not perfect. They’ll do a great job of teaching you HOW to give a speech, but they won’t help you to do a better job at WHAT you say. That is where tag lines come in…

Most Common Mistakes Of Public Speakers

Knowing just what you should do and understanding how to get it done is very important. You’ll also want to understand how to do it right. But that isn’t enough by itself; it does solve all problems. It’s also important to know what you should NOT do, what mistakes to avoid. Among the best methods to achieve that is learning what errors other people have made in order to make sure that you avoid them.

Working on Your New Voice

One of the biggest misconceptions I heard about voice training is that voice training is to make you sound good. That’s barely the truth. A true voice training is to work on your new voice, a voice that is inside of you, that is waiting to be discovered, and that is full of resonance, depth and authenticity. Read the article to find out how to discover your new voice.

Quit Using PowerPoint In Public Presentations

Have you ever thought that maybe you should change slideshare for flipchart in public presentations? There are thousands who asked his or her self that same question, then made a decision to go about doing it. For most of us it is just a passing, fleeting thought that never goes anywhere and is soon forgotten. The majority don’t know just how to start, so they really never do. The aspect of possibly needing to do a little work puts others off. Others just consider it too low a priority to be seriously worth bothering with.

Mistakes That Sell Speeches

That “mistake” while speaking–stumbling over a phrase, forgetting what you were saying, losing your place can make you a success-with a sense of humor. If you don’t get upset, your audience won’t get upset.

If Your Presentation Skills Are Good, Can the Same Be Said About Your Voice?

I am going to assume that your delivery skills are above average. You have addressed an audience on numerous occasions and you enjoy the challenge of public speaking. As strong as your presentation skills are, however, how good is the sound of your speaking voice – the one you hear on your answering machine, not the one you hear in your head?

The Value of Imagery in Public Speaking

When you speak at the lectern, on a stage or even at the head of the boardroom table, have you ever considered the imagery you use, thereby depicting your thoughts more effectively? Too often I hear those who speak so quickly and are so anxious to get it over with, that their words are said in haste with no qualifiers, no adjectives, and no adverbs.

How Not To Freak When You Speak

Do you feel at ease when you are speaking with your friends or your colleagues but freak when you have to present to a group of strangers in a small or large audience? Would you like to feel comfortable the next time you are asked to do some public speaking? If the answer is yes, then let’s get started.

Public Speaking: 14 Tips for Selecting a Hosting Service for Your Public Speaking Website

With so many hosting services to choose from, how can a public speaker know which is the best choice? Get good solid hosting because you will be crying big tears if your site loads as slow as molasses or never loads at all. Use these 14 tips to help you select one that is right for your public speaking website.

How To Decide On The Best Inspirational Speaker In 3 Steps

Are you looking to bring in the best possible keynote speaker for your next big conference? Using these guidelines should help you identify the perfect presenter to impress your attendees and you will look like a hero at the same time.

3 Questions You MUST Ask Before Booking Your Spiritual Workshop Venue

Once you’ve got a great workshop idea, the next step is to find the right venue. Since not all venues are not created equal, here are 3 questions every spiritual practitioner MUST ask before booking your spiritual workshop location.

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