Jason Wilson’s Viral Pep Talk Video, Guiding Kids Through Martial Arts

Motivational Speakers Will Remain in High Demand

Motivational speakers are public speaking professionals who focus on motivating and inspiring their audience through their talks. Who does not need some motivation at one time or another in their life? Most of us could do with a daily dose of motivation, whether it relates to losing some of the extra pounds or for living the life of our dreams. For that reason, motivational speakers will never run out of opportunities.

4 Tips on How to Be a Motivational Speaker

Being a motivational speaker is an exciting and upbeat career. Before taking to the stage, be sure you are prepared with these tips on becoming a motivational speaker.

Motivational Speaking: Dynamic and Life Changing

One great way to find direction in life is to listen to an excellent motivational speaker. Motivational speaking is speaking with the goal to inspire, encourage and cheer up audience members. The word motivation is defined as a driving force or a stimulus, which leads people to achieve their goals in a successful manner.

Find a Speakers Bureau for Your Market in 3 Simple Steps

Before finding a speakers bureau that fits your market, you must do one important thing. You need to identify and define your market or niche. What is that segment of your industry that you want to focus on? What is the niche that is best suited to your skills? Determining your niche, or segment of the general market, is dependent upon many different factors.

Stage Fright: Be Easygoing in the Not Knowing

Imagine standing in front of an expectant audience and not knowing where your next sentence is coming from. This common nightmare leads to epidemic anxiety around public speaking, as well as to over-preparation and over-thinking. But what if not knowing where your next words are coming from can actually be a relaxing, expansive experience?

4 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Speaking in Public

Many famous personalities and celebrities have admitted to being terribly frightened by taking the stage and being the center of attention. So, it is not that accomplished speakers do not experience fear but that they have learned to overcome the fear of speaking in public. Here are 4 ways you too can overcome your fear of public speaking.

3 Outstanding Public Speaking Tips

Discover 3 outstanding tips on public speaking that you, no doubt, will find helpful. If you incorporate this information into your preparation and presentation you will improve your skills as a public speaker.

Easy Steps to Using Teleconferencing for Public Speaking

Teleconferencing is nothing new and most of us already know how it works. But you may not have thought about how using teleconferencing for public speaking can become a highly effective and efficient venture for you. If not, then you will want to get started.

English Gives Access to Wisdom From Across the World

Literature makes us knowledgeable about the thinking patterns of various cultures. Literature is an important part of history. It consists of classical writings by many good people, philosophers, administrators, poets, etc. Generally, it is difficult to get access to learned people, but it is easy to get access to their books.

Conference Speeches 2011: Who Won?

Great Speech Writing has watched, scribbled and squirmed throughout the 2011 Party Conference season with a particularly keen eye on the performance of the three party leaders. Here’s the postmortem.

Public Speaking: So, What Gets Me in the Door? Help!

So, what gets me in the door? Awww the question everyone wants to know! So many ask this question and although there is not one perfect answer but a combination I am going to cover only one I feel is at the top of the list…

10 Ways You Can Help Your Speaker Succeed

When a speaker claims, “I really wowed that audience,” he or she is taking far too much credit for the success of the presentation. Why? Because if you give the same speaker an audience who doesn’t offer interest and support, the result will be dismal. Far more than we estimate, audiences play a central role in the results of a speech. Here are ten audience behaviors that will boost every speaker’s performance:

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