Jamie Metzl Questions the Origins of Covid 19

Motivational Speakers: Fundamentals of the Trade

Nearly everyone has heard a motivational speaker who left them feeling empowered. A career as a motivational speaker can be one of the most rewarding available today. This article provides you with the fundamentals for starting a career as a motivational speaker.

Entrepreneurship – Can It Be Taught?

The buzz for many decades has been the necessity to foster and teach entrepreneurship. The question not answered is “can entrepreneurship be taught”? This article explains some of the psychological aspects of failing and getting back up to try again.

The 2 Best Audiences for Public Speaking

What I have found with the various groups I have addressed through the years, whether it is a business versus an organization or a club, is that the there are two groups of people who are very good at listening. Their job or the purpose of their organization almost guarantees that they have strong listening skills.

Are You Delivering a Speech or a Presentation?

There is a lot of debate right now at a popular social media site whether there is a difference between the speech and the presentation. In truth, the answer might depend on what country you live in.

Is The Telephone Really A Stage For A Speaker?

When we are on the stage giving a speech, even if this is not easy for us to do, at least we know what we need to do. We can learn how to keep the audience’s attention, we know how to communicate information effectively, and basically we understand the importance of public speaking. We also understand how to interpret all of the signals that the audience is sending our way. All of this knowledge may be contributing to why so many speakers do such a poor job of communicating with groups when a telephone is involved…

How Does One Become A Motivational Speaker?

A career as a motivational speaker can be very lucrative and rewarding. The first step in becoming a motivational speaker is to identify what you will speak about. There are many topics to motivate and inspire others. You must look at your experience, your passion, and your story in order to be able to speak to groups about them. It is also important to meet other motivational speakers.

Searching Out Speaking Gigs – Phone Calls and Voicemail

You all should be making calls and doing it on a regular basis, either you’re doing it yourself or a trained assistant can do it, in my opinion you are always the best one for this job. The only reason you wouldn’t be making any phone calls would be if your schedule is booked solid every year or you’re at “celebrity status” When you finally track down the person who has the power to hire you more times than not you will get a voicemail, my tip for you is to NOT leave a generic message such as…

Developing the Speaker Within You: The Make or Break 10 Seconds

We only get one chance at a first impression. One chance at that vital impact that makes us memorable to an audience, or not. Those first few moments, perhaps 10 seconds that a speaker spends on the stage are amongst the most critical of their entire address. In fact, even their ascendance to the stage, the very act of rising from the floor, or their seat on the platform is just as critical.

How Managers Can Effectively Persuade And Inspire An Audience To Accept Change Or Deliver Bad News

Those in managerial or leadership positions will often be called upon to give briefings, inspire staff to accept changes and, unfortunately, deliver bad news. Any time there is important information to share with your staff; it should be conveyed as soon as reasonably possible. Nothing is worse than having the rumor mill get started and to have misinformation circulate.

How Voice Training Can Improve Your Life As Well As Your Voice

When I first started my business, I had no idea the number of benefits that would result just by finding your ‘real’ voice. In fact, I never tire of hearing each and every new experience my clients tell me about.

Great Speakers Display Poise, Not Panic, During Distractions

Yes, you planned your speech very thoroughly, including the room arrangement, audio visuals, sound quality, and handouts. What could go wrong? Plenty–such as the lights going out during a storm, your PowerPoint skipping several slides, a fire engine blasting its siren, and your mic getting static. Here’s the key–recognize that the reaction you display and discuss will set the tone for your audience’s reaction. This article explains how you can demonstrate poise, not panic, when distractions happen, as they are sure to do occasionally.

How To Identify An Excellent Keynote Speaker

Are you interested in identifying the best keynote speaker? This article will give you some ideas that can help in determining whether a particular speaker is good or not.

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