It Took More Than a Heart Attack to Get Matty Matheson Sober

The ‘BBC’ of Public Speaking

The three logical steps every speaker must follow during the delivery of their speech or presentation. This process eases audience understanding and ensures they are carried along from the beginning through the body to the conclusion of the presentation or speech.

How to Teach Your Tongue – Get The Hang Of The English Language

This article contains useful tips on how to improve English speaking skills. This goes to all non-native English speakers.

Passive Hecklers And How To Deal With Them

In a previous article, I analysed the main categories of hecklers that a presenter or speaker can expect to encounter at some stage in their career on the podium or in the training arena. I define a “heckle” as any human generated disruption. Here I will take a look at passive hecklers who fall into two main categories. These two main categories are the ignorant or rude heckler and the merely stupid heckler. I will also suggest some simple methods for dealing with these hecklers.

How to Become a Funnier Person

Have you ever wanted to be a funnier person? Have you ever listened to a humorous speaker and wished you had their talent? The good news is that you can learn to be a funnier person! This article will give you some tips for developing the quality of humor in your daily life.

10 Reasons Why Presentations Fail

It IS possible to move beyond a crippling fear of public speaking to become a more confident, polished presenter. If you avoid these 10 reasons why your presentation can fail, you can learn to actually enjoy presenting and become so accomplished that you set yourself apart from others in your industry.

10 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Next Speaking Opportunity

If you are new to public speaking, or trying to ramp up the number of speaking engagements you book, it can be tempting to accept any offer you receive. However, there are a few things you should consider before confirming your next date.

The Heckler Hierarchy

Many speakers dread the prospect of encountering a heckler. To most people a heckler is someone who shouts things out during a presentation or speech. I define heckling as any activity that is disruptive, either deliberately or accidentally, to you as a speaker or presenter. Many names are given and there are many tips and techniques offered for dealing with them. In this article I will generally classify and categorise the main types of heckler and this may allow you some insights as to what you can do to prepare yourself in advance for an essentially unpredictable event occurring at one of your sessions. I will expand on the categories and offer potential solutions in a future article series.

Telling Jokes – Techniques to Keep ‘Em Laughing

Keeping your audience engaged and laughing for the length of your presentation is not easy. Some people make it appear so but I assure you that it takes hard work. If you are willing to apply yourself to learning the techniques in this article your audience will notice the difference.

How To Choose Persuasive Speech Topics

Do you know the importance of choosing a suitable speech topic? As they say, the speech begins and ends with your speech topic. The content of your talk is the essence of your speech. Your sexy voice, impressive visual aids or your delivery cannot do much to salvage a wrongly selected topic for that day. Read and find out more.

The Elements of a Good Joke

What makes a good joke? How do you know when a joke is worth telling or best avoided? This article will give you some of the elements of a good joke.

Tricks to Public Speaking – How to Get Through Your Speech

At some point in our academic or professional careers we know what it feels like to have to stand up in front of people and give a speech. In this essay I will give you some insights into public speaking that I have used over the years.

Too Shy, Shy – How To Overcome Your Shyness An Become A Public Speaker

When we take a look at all of the things that can hold us back from becoming the great speaker that we want to be, what always seems to be at the top of the list? More often than not, it’s a fear of public speaking. There can be many reasons for this fear, but one of the main culprits is always a bad case of shyness. Here’s what you can do to overcome this.

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