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Shrink the Fear of Speaking – 3 Smaller Tips That Give Big Results

Trembling hands, dry mouth, cold sweat… have you ever felt this way when speaking to a group of strangers? If so, than you’ve probably looked for ways to overcome your fear…

Follow These 2 Steps to Discover Your Richer, Deeper Speaking Voice

We all have one – a voice that has resonance and depth. It sounds more mature but not old. It is ageless. In fact, it will continue to improve as you age. Unfortunately, 99% of the population is unaware that they have a better voice inside; and, that same percentage is unaware that their ‘real’ voice will be a vast improvement over their habitual one.

Discover Your ‘Real’ Voice and Listen to What Happens to Your Nasality!

Nasality, whether it is excessive as in the Brooklyn or Bronx sound, a little more gutteral like Philly talk, twangy as we hear in Texas or only slightly exaggerated as in the speech of Detroit or the Midwest, occurs when voiced sounds travel through the nose. While not all nasality is bad, too much of it can be.

In Public Speaking, Nervousness Is a Stumbling Block Only If You Allow It to Be!

The angst, the agony, the sleepless nights. The overwhelming dread that pervades your life knowing you are scheduled to speak, either for your business or personal life. It could be toasting the groom at your best friend’s wedding or giving the quarterly budget report for your company. It might be a 3-minute summary at your leads meeting or maybe you are introducing a speaker at your Rotary Club.

Three Steps to Good Presentation Skills and Public Speaking

Good presentation skills and public speaking begin with preparation. Like any other written or visual communication the key here is to prepare, prepare, prepare. Here are three keys to preparing your presentations and public speeches which I find have worked best for me.

Essential Guide to Wedding Toasts by the Maid of Honor

Make sure you know how to give the best wedding speeches! This article provides an essential guide for making a great wedding speech and toast if you are the maid of honor.

Selling From the Stage

Whether you’re a brand new salesperson, an accomplished author or a certified coach, you may have to face making a presentation in front of the masses one day. You’ll either come across as credible or rejected for any number of reasons. So when you’re on stage selling a product, service or idea, it’s critically important to win your audience because you may never, ever have this opportunity again.

How to Come Up With Great Ideas at Public Speaking?

Do you have to say some words, but no bell seems to ring? Keep reading!

How to Be Great While Being Funny in Public Speaking?

Want to tell a joke at your sisters wedding, but you don’t know how? Here is the answer!

How to Have Your Ideal Tone of Voice?

Are you training to break glasses with your pitch? Or you talk low as a longhorn? Don’t worry, we have the solution!

The Introduction the Emcee Delivers – YOU Write It!

The Introduction is an Integral Part of the Speech. It is NOT your bio. YOU write it and impress the emcee with it’s importance.

Voice Improvement – How to Improve the Quality of Your Speaking Voice

As you might already know, your voice is a very important aspect of your day to day life. That is why you would find numerous voice improvement tips and tricks when browsing around on the net, and also there are thousands of professional voice coaches out there to help us improve the quality of our voices, so we might sound better when we talk.

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