Is There a Limit to Technological Innovation?

Self-Esteem For Oral Proficiency

What do we know about self-esteem? Well, one expert claimed that self-esteem is an attitude towards oneself. This means a healthy self-esteem is the positive attitude, and also that an unhealthy self-esteem is the negative attitude.

Social Media Public Speaker – How to Choose the Right One

Social media public speakers, and Internet marketing public speakers are in high demand today. Choosing the right one for your next business seminar or corporate event can be tricky. The subject is so new, how do you evaluate the speaker to ensure they can ‘walk the walk and talk the talk?’

Do Not Get Rid of Your Nervousness – Control It!

Nervousness and public speaking go hand in hand. Controlled nervousness is a friend not a foe.

Screenplay Pitching – Do’s

After attending a number of pitch fests put on by magazines, university film programs and private companies, I’ve come to see what makes an appealing pitch different from a not so appealing pitch. Do practice and be prepared…

Preparing and Presenting a Great Wedding Speech

Bride speeches at weddings always seem to include what the bride and groom plan to do with their lives once they are married as well as aspects of how they met and fell in love. For the guests it can sometimes make them feel as though the speech is more like a story they are listening to. It is vitally important for you to make your speech as interesting as you possibly can in order to keep their attention all the time.

How You Can Master Public Speaking

Mastering public speaking has to do with mastering the art of communicating. That means communicating with your body but also communicating with your spoken words.

Connecting With Your Audience

So, how does a speaker go about building connections? In short, a speaker must seek to establish empathy with his listeners. Unless the listeners have a sense that they are listening to a “real” person, the connection between speaker and listener will remain distant – making the reception of the message that much more difficult.

Traditional Wedding Speeches

Weddings are meant to be a wonderful event, With close family, long lost friends and relatives present the last thing you want to do is get a speech or toast wrong! If you are looking for traditional wedding speeches or examples of wedding speeches then read on. A speech or toast at a wedding is a huge honour and should be given the respect it deserves.

Public Speaking Fear – How to Become More Comfortable With Speaking in Public

Public speaking is something everyone experiences in today’s world. No matter whether you are a student or a business man chances are that you have already spoken in public a few times. And to be honest most of the people are afraid of this. They are afraid of speaking in public. But how can you get rid of that fear?

What is So Terrifying About Public Speaking?

I want to start this off by asking to know what your greatest fear is, is it the fear of public speaking? If it is then I assure you it need not be! Public speaking is as natural as having a meal or going to the cinema to watch a movie!

Put Your Hands in the Air and Wave Them Like You Don’t Care

If you’ve ever gotten any training on how to give a speech, the instructor probably told you that if used correctly, hand gestures can be a powerful tool. However, as with all such things in life, do you think that it’s possible to use this tool just a bit too much? Where should a speaker draw the line?

How to Deliver Presentations Perfectly

Sometimes, when you stand in public for presentation, all things you have prepared can be lost instantly. To overcome this problem, there are three-step strategies that you can try.

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