How Shane Dorian Trained for Wipeouts on Big Waves

The Hows And Whys Of Effective Groom Toasts

Groom toasts are one of the many duties of the groom at a wedding reception. Typically, the groom toast is given at the beginning or the end of the groom speech.

How to Win Political Debates With Data Visualization

This post probably won’t help you reach Obama’s level, but perhaps will give you some idea how data visualization, among other tools, helped him get there. Every day new federal and local bills are being proposed and discussed in countries all over the world. The parties involved, more often than not, rely on statistics, cold hard facts and figures, to convince the people to support their stance.

If You Expect Others to Hear What You Are Saying, They Must Be Able to ‘Hear’ You Saying It!

Nothing is more frustrating than not hearing the person who is speaking. The problem for the soft-spoken, however, is that they do no recognize this problem for what it is. If you are soft-spoken, the reason you are being interrupted or talked over is because others tire of straining to hear you. Unfortunately, this can lead you to believe that what you are saying is not important or of no consequence. Nothing could be further from the truth.

How To Use PowerPoint To Kill Your Audience (Figuratively)

Hopefully we can all agree that as a speaker, you should never start a speech with intention of killing some or all of your audience – your chances of being asked back go way done if you do. Given this, why are you still using such bad PowerPoint slides?

Is It Okay For A Public Speaker To Lie To The Audience?

I had delivered my presentation which I had entitled “Stand Up and Speak, Sit Down and Smile” and I was responding to questions from the appreciative audience. All of a sudden, a well manicured and bejeweled hand shot into the air. As I inclined my head in its direction the equally well-dressed owner rose from her seat and in a pseudo-American accent intoned:

Lessons in Authenticity From Steve Jobs

When Steve Jobs spoke at Stanford University, the 2005 graduating class experienced an under-rehearsed and awkward Steve Jobs who still managed to develop a profound connection with his audience. How did he do it? Read on to learn some of the secrets to his success…

Public Speaking and The Law of Rhythm

As we go through life we all have highs and lows. We have our good days and our bad days. We have successes and we have failures.

Public Speaking and The Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity states that everything has an opposite: hot/cold, high/low, light/dark, and good/bad. For example: let’s consider the two extremes of hot and cold – hot at one end of the spectrum and cold at the other. This means that anything that is in between these two extremes is considered a different degree of hot or cold depending on which end you’re on nearer to.

Public Speaking and The Law of Vibration

In high school I disliked science. I asked myself, “What am I going to use this for?” and little did I know that 40 years later I’d be talking about it in relation to the Laws of the Universe.

3 Sure Fire Methods to Master the Rhythm and Flow of the American Accent

Intonation is critical in learning the American Accent correctly. These strategies will help make the process easier for Native Chinese speaker.

Forget Perfection in Public Speaking – Seek Excellence!

When it comes to public speaking, my most difficult clients are those of the A-type personality who are seeking to deliver a perfect presentation. Let me ask you this. What is perfection in public speaking? Do you have a definition for such a thing? The art of oral communication with an audience is subjective.

When You Speak in a Monotone, You May Be Sending the Wrong Message

Whether it is in public speaking, the sales presentation, or just normal conversation, speaking in a monotone does not captivate, enthuse, or even interest your listeners. If you know that you exhibit this trait, then it is important to realize that your delivery is flat, lifeless and dull, all characteristics that can put others to sleep.

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