How Much Money Does Disneyland Lose Everyday By Being Closed?

Don’t Know How To Structure Your Speech? Here Are 16 Options

Sometimes the body of a speech just flows onto your page. At other times, it needs more coaxing. Here are 16 unique structures for achieving different feels and effects in your speeches and presentations.

Hello – Just Exactly Who Are You?

It turns out that if you wait until you start speaking to start your speech you may already be too late – no presentation tips are going to save you now. I’ve got a better way for you to get your next speech off to a good start…

Five Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Presentations

If you’re a trainer or professional speaker, you can create information products and use them to add value to your existing presentations, workshops, coaching sessions or other products. Here are five easy ways to do that. I’ve chosen these five because they add high value to your clients and audiences, and are reasonably easy to create.

I Couldn’t Care Less!

There are a great many words and expressions being used by nearly everyone which are incorrect. If you want to be well-spoken and have a strong command of the spoken language, take the time to learn the most commonly misused words and expressions and be among the few who actually uses them correctly. Being a successful communicator is paramount to being successful in business. It is the number one skills a prospective employer seeks in a prospective employee. Brian Haggerty summarizes some of the most commonly misused words and expressions and many others in his book, “Personal and Professional Life Skills for Success”, available at

Public Speaking: How to Start Your Talk in an Engaging Way!

A question that crops up again and again with regard to public speaking is “How do I survive that first minute?” And for many, a shaky start can unnerve them for the rest of their talk. The fact is everyone is full of nervous energy and adrenalin-rush when they step forward to speak. Left to run riot, this uncontrolled energy can cause all sorts of symptoms like sweating palms and knocking knees which render us ineffective communicators. This mind-opening article will show you how to take the pressure off you and use your nervous energy to have your audience sit up and listen from the moment you open your mouth.

Important People in The Audience: Start by Massaging Their Egos!

For most people public speaking can be a very scary business indeed, but finding yourself speaking before a group of ‘high status’ people only adds to the fear! What with your adrenalin raging out of control and these ‘knowledgeable’ people calmly sitting there evaluating your every word and move, it comes down to simply surviving the ordeal. Or does it… because there is a way of winning their respect with your opening words without fawning to them, yet creating an atmosphere of two-way interaction among equals. This enlightening article will show you how.

Public Speaking: Dramatize Your Opening and Engage Them!

People tell me time and time again that one of the biggest difficulties they face with public speaking is getting through those first couple of minutes unscathed! Sadly for many, all they see is a merciless bunch of critics smugly ‘sizing them up’, while they’re standing there shaking like a leaf. The good news is an effective opening can turn this awful situation completely around by putting you in control and whetting your listeners’ appetite for what’s to follow. And surprising them with a spot of unexpected drama at the very start of your talk will set this friendly scenario up for you.

How Speakers Should Handle Presenting Numbers And Statistics

Sorry, even though numerical information can be a very powerful way of backing up what you are saying and lends a lot to the importance of public speaking, when you start to present it, your audience is almost guaranteed to stop using their listening skills and check out. Looks like we’re going to have to have a talk about how to keep them around…

Why Public Speaking Is Important

When this question was posed to me in conversation, I was, at first, surprised. But it led to some deep thought and an answer that ultimately helped bring greater understanding of just how profoundly meaningful communication is for human beings.

How The Room Can Ruin Your Speech – And What To Do About It

Waiters serving dinner. Seating arrangements. A great many things can affect your speech. But they are not out of your control.

Public Speaking: Don’t Let a Bad Experience Define Your Speaking Potential!

When it comes to public speaking it’s so easy to let one horrific experience become our permanent benchmark against which to measure ourselves from then on. With the die firmly cast, this negative mindset of just how helpless we are at speaking before groups becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. Hey, we all have a bad experience now and then, but we tend to learn what ‘not to do’ next time. This insightful article will show you how to build on your speaking experiences in a positive way – be they good or bad.

Careful, But Natural Delivery Is Key to Speaking Success

What is it about a speaker that makes you hang on every word? Why do some speakers hold your attention and others do not? The key to speaking success is the connection the speaker establishes within the first minutes of the delivery. I will share four strategies to bolster your delivery at your next speaking engagement.

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