How Joe Biden is Dealing with the US-Mexico Border Crisis

Need A Visual Aid? You’re Sitting On It!

Considering which anatomical part we park on them, chairs are one of the most venerable oratory tools in the universe. They may even outstrip Mr Gates’s little programme. Here’s how to use them:

Powerful Presentations Require Proper Preparation

Different types of presentations require different approaches. The preparation referred to in the title must fit the needs of each particular category of presentation. Here are three broad types with the proper preparations recommended.

How to Build Strong Communication

READ EVERYTHING LOUDLY: The best way is to read the newspaper LOUDLY. Repeat the exercise for a week to read few pages and interview columns. Try to read the interviews as if you are asking and you are answering.

The Speaker Whisperer – What A Dog Can Teach Us About Public Speaking

I believe that a good mentor is more valuable than an audience with good listening skills or a set of effective presentation tips. It turns out that one individual who was more than willing to provide me with the guidance that I needed to become better has been living in my house all along. He’s my dog.

Can We, Like, Stop Saying Like?

The constant overuse of the word “like” primarily but not exclusively by young adults is a most irritating trend. And when it comes to “basically”, well, don’t get me started!

As a Speaker, Develop a Powerful Tagline

To stand out in a crowded marketplace, you need a compelling positioning statement. It’s important that you convey the value that you bring to audiences in your tagline. You just have a few seconds to catch your prospect’s attention.

Discounting Fees – How Low Will You Go?

What’s the practice of fee-discounting doing to the speaking profession? When will it end… or will it?

5 Tips for Speaking Up in Class

There are times when you need to speak up in class. It’s not a sign of being a “teachers pet”, it’s part of the deal of attending school. Some classes are more interactive than others but almost all of them involve some kind of question session every now and then.

Could Man’s Best Friend Also Be His Best Speaking Mentor?

In our quest to become better speakers, we are always looking for both feedback and mentors who can show us the way. I know that I’ve looked high and low for folks who have skills that are better than mine and who are willing to take the time to show me how I can be a better speaker.

How to Improve Public Speaking – The 4 Golden Rules

Before you collect information on how to improve public speaking, you need to know a little secret: Almost everyone – with few exceptions – is afraid of public speaking on some level. There is something scary about feeling judged by a huge mass of people. The key is working with the fear, facing it and acknowledging it. You can master this skill, provided you use the right techniques. Here are four rules to follow:

Presentation Tips: 8 Methods to Grab the Attention of Your Audience

In this age of information overload, the window of opportunity to keep your audience’s attention gets smaller by the tweet. What can you do to capture the attention of your listeners? Here are eight ways to “disrupt” the barrage of noise so your message is heard.

Speak With Confidence: Change Your Relationship With Public Speaking

Almost every day I am asked two questions. Firstly, “What’s the best way to overcome my fear of speaking in public?” And secondly, “How can I feel more confident, be myself and be more effective when I speak to an audience?” Overcoming fear of public speaking is about learning to speak from your natural presence – from who you are. In learning to connect to your real voice you will tap into your strengths and find the confidence to express yourself genuinely in front of any audience.

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