How “Grip n’ Grin” Pictures Create Misconceptions About Hunters

How to Handle Unruly Audience Members When You Speak

Difficult and unruly audience members, although rare, can make or break your presentation. This example from a comic turned TV star will help you if and when this happens to you.

Public Speaking Tip: I Was WRONG: You ARE the Hero of Your Story

A common problem with speakers is that they lift themselves up, which tends to let their audience down. For several years, I gave a piece of advice that went too far in correcting this problem. This article corrects that mistake.

How Public Speakers Can Minimize Their Accent

I just happen to speak English. I’d like to be able to tell you that I speak it very well; however, that’s really up to other people to decide. What I can tell you is that it is the only language that I speak fluently and it’s the language that I’ve always spoken. This provides me with an unfair advantage over many other speakers – they have accents that can distract an audience when they are speaking in English. What can they do in order to become more effective speakers?

Give Your Audience a Hand Every Time You Speak

Far too often, people give excessive attention to their gestures when they speak. To help you understand what to do with your hands, read on…

Connect With Your Audience – With a 39-Second Story

A common misconception about stories is that they need to be long, drawn out experiences. Read how you can craft a 39-second story that leaves a lasting impact.

The Rule Of Three – A Simple Way To Add Impact To Your Speeches

“There are three kinds of lies – lies, damned lies and statistics.” (attributed to Benjamin Disraeli) “Education, Education, Education.” (Tony Blair) “thinner, lighter, faster” (Steve Jobs, referring to the iPad2). What do these statements have in common?

All The World’s A Stage – You Just Have To Know How To Use It

When we give a speech we may not always be on a stage. However, we always have a space that has been given to us to use as our own during the speech. All too often we see speakers doing things that they should not be doing – pacing, circling, hanging out in one corner or another. A stage (or speaking area) is a fantastic tool for speakers that helps to boost the importance of public speaking, but how are we supposed to use it?

How to Bring Your Two-Minute Story to Life

The best stories are those that people feel as if they are experiencing themselves. Learn how you can create this effect in your stories, no matter how long they are.

Are Your Characters’ Voices Derailing Your Story?

The effectiveness of your story can be lost if your characters ‘voices’ aren’t congruent. Pick up three tips to ensure that your stories are consistent and create a you-are-there experience for your audience.

How to Handle “Handouts” So That Your Audience Stays Engaged and Doesn’t Get Derailed

Handouts can either enhance your presentation or totally derail it. Click the link below and pickup the tools on how to handle handouts so that your audience stays involved, captivated and engaged throughout your speech.

From The Mouths Of Babes To Your Ears

As public speakers who have been doing this for awhile, it can be easy to get lost in the details. We spend our time trying to work more humor into our speeches as we create them, we carefully study our body language in order to determine what we’ll telling our audience, and we practice making eye contact with our audience all because we understand the importance of public speaking. However, could it be that one of the best ways to become better would be to watch a speaker who is just starting out… ?

Best Man’s Speech – How To Survive The Best Man’s Speech Dilemma

Out of all his male friends, he chose you to be the best man. It can be thrilling to be singled out but it can be a nightmare for some as well. If you find it hard to talk publicly, how much more standing in front of hundreds of guests. If you find it hard to craft your speech, then the tips below would help you survive and even enjoy the rest of the day.

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