Gilbert Gottried on Being Complimented by George Carlin

Public Speaking: 7 Tips for Making Your Stories Better

Preparing for a public speaking presentation? Follow these seven tips to make your stories more interesting and fun for your audience.

Public Speaking: How to Read Your Audience

As a public speaker, you need a strong sense of what your audience is feeling so you can quickly respond to any sign of boredom or discomfort. Here are 10 things you can do to regain the interest of your audience.

Public Speaking – Pace, Pitch and Tone

What’s the difference between a great speaker and a bad one? How is it one presenter can make a topic come to life and another one, using exactly the same material, can bore the pants off of you? How is it possible to be fantastic in front of one audience and terrible in front of another? It’s all in the voice. It’s not about content, if it was nobody would watch TV or listen to the Radio to access information, most people can take in information faster through the written word. There are three main elements to your voice and each can be used to great effect to maintain your audience’s interest or to destroy it.

Great Presentations – 5 Keys to Success

Making a big presentation can be one of the most troubling moments in a career. There’s the fear of public speaking combined with the fear of losing that deal/promotion/etc. Yet giving a presentation is actually very easy here are 5 keys to making the best of your opportunity.

Public Speaking Not As Scary As It Seems

Scared of public speaking? Don’t know where to start? Here are some tips and pointers to improve your public speaking abilities, so it need not be so daunting on the next occasion.

How To Deepen Voice – Effective Tips That Will Make Your Voice Tone Deeper, Stronger And Sexier

There is really no doubt about the fact that your voice is one important tool you can use to your advantage or to your disadvantage. If your voice sounds good and strong, the sky could be your limit! No seriously speaking, your voice can bring untold advantages to you if you have that strong deep, raspy and sexy tone that everyone loves to listen to.

America’s Greatest Orator: Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899)

Robert G. Ingersoll was a Colonel in the United States Army who fought in the fought in the Civil War, the war of liberation and freedom and the preservation of the Union-a war to restore the integrity of the original draft of the Declaration of Independence. But let me tell you this: That no danger which Robert G. Ingersoll faced-no battery of gunshot-no steel bayonet could compare with the danger he was to face when he fought to free men’s minds from the shackles of ignorance and religious superstition. When Robert G. Ingersoll fought as a Colonel in the Civil War, his conduct was that of gallantry. When he fought the combined opposition of religious hatred, antagonism and ignorant fanaticism, he was magnificent. When the bloody Civil War was over, Robert G. Ingersoll entered the political arena. He became Attorney General of the State of Illinois. His fame as an orator, his integrity, his reputation as an astute lawyer, made him the most logical candidate for the nomination for the Governorship of his state.

Speech Structures to Help You Succeed

For most people the thought of giving a presentation or speech is stressful. Why not make your life a bit easier by utilising the work of others… Other people have identified what structures are most effective for each situation depending upon the situation, or reason, a presentation is being delivered. Following the established speech structures will provide you with a solid framework that you can rely upon – allowing you to concentrate on making sure your material is as good as it can be.

Why Public Speakers Should Always Use Notes

When we see highly polished public speakers deliver the speech that they’ve given a hundred times, we notice that they do it all from memory – no notes needed. Does this mean that notes should not play any role in our speaking lives?

Putting Public Speaking Fear Into Perspective

If you suffer from speaking anxiety, why not put your fear into perspective to become a better speaker? This article explains some of the ways you can do so.

Teaching Speaking – 10 Tips to Improve Students’ Speaking Skills

Sooner or later it becomes necessary to speak in front of others. We are introduced to this potentially fearful experience around grade-school. So below I will attempt to coach you through the process to render that moment in time as pain-free as possible.

How to Improve Public Speaking – Having a Practice Audience

One of the most important steps in getting ready to speak in public is making sure that you talk in front of people before making your official speech. A practice audience can be a huge boost to your performance and to your public speaking style. This article includes some tips on making the most of your practice audience, and how to be a good practice audience member.

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