Gilbert Gottfried’s Horrible Experience on SNL

Hiring a Motivational Speaker As Your Keynote Speaker Can Be a Great Choice

Motivational speakers are in high demand these days. People need that extra boost of motivation and need a push to become driven towards their goals. Motivational speakers are excellent at building momentum and getting people charged up to accomplish goals. Having a keynote speaker that has the skills to motivate is an excellent way to start off any event.

How to Find Anecdotes for Your Speech or Presentation

For many of us who have spent years in business, our anecdotes are many and varied. There is no doubt that experience is not only the best teacher, but affords us many stories and anecdotes throughout our business careers. What does the novice speaker do, however, when his/her experience is minimal?

Watch What Your Face Is (Or Isn’t) Saying in Public Speaking

Before your give your next presentation or speech, can I make a suggestion? Why don’t you video-record yourself, study the playback, and watch your facial expressions. Are they in line with what you are discussing? Does your face display enthusiasm if you are excited about your message? Does it show worry, for example, if you are concerned about the serious nature of your remarks?

Become An Expert Public Speaker – Structure Your Presentation

1. Getting it right. Your structure is the road-map that will make every step of your presentation feel comfortable and deliberate. Every good story has a beginning, a middle and an end – and so does every compelling presentation.

Public Speaking: Want a Great Introduction? Write Your Own

Want to open your next public speaking event with a great introduction? Write the introduction yourself, give it to the Master of Ceremonies well in advance of the presentation and clarify any unusual pronunciations. Here are six tips for creating your introduction and ensuring you receive a warm welcome from the audience.

The Pros and Cons of Toastmasters

If you are looking for a means in which to practice your presentation skills in front of an audience on a weekly basis, then you should consider joining Toastmasters. According to Wikipedia, “Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of helping members improve their communication, public speaking and leadership skills.”

Public Speaking: What to Do When You Say “Youse Guys” and the Audience Says “Y’All”

When presenting at a public speaking event outside your natural geographical region, acknowledge your differences and show concern for the audience right from the beginning. You can even make a little fun of yourself to build rapport with the audience.

Public Speaking: How to Self-Publish Your Book With Print-On-Demand

Now with print-on-demand, you can have a few or many books printed at a nominal price. This means you can order just enough to sell from your website, at your book signing, at back-of-the-room sales during your seminars, or for giving away to promote your business.

Public Speaking: How to Deliver Your Presentation Without Using Notes

Imagine walking on into a room to give an important public speaking presentation with your hands totally free. No notes, no loose papers – just a pleasant smile and a confident stride. Your audience would be impressed as soon as you stepped onto the platform and took the microphone.

Wedding Ceremony Speeches

Tips on giving great wedding ceremony speeches. Giving a speech is frightening to many, but with some basic tips you should be able to get through your wedding speech duties.

Public Speaking: How Much Should You Charge? Don’t Be Cheap!

This is one of the most important factors to remember when setting your public speaking fees. Avoid pricing yourself so low that people think something is wrong with you. They’ll think that it’s risky business to hire you and will never offer you public speaking engagements.

How to Overcome Your Fear

You can approach public speaking in two ways; one is Inspiration. There are many public speakers who with nothing more than the topic, speak directly from the heart, meaning whatever inspired words come to mind about their particular topic, that’s what they speak on.

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