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Involving Humor in Public Speaking

Most persons who attempt public speaking are hindered by their fear or fail to connect with the audience. Some may start out confident, then, realizing the crowd’s inattentive and monotonous faces, begin to get fearful and nervous as time on the podium lengthens. There are ways in which they can connect with their audience and keep their attention throughout a long or nerve ridden speech.

Key Simple Principles of Public Speaking

Want to read about some simple tips for a successful public speech? Then read on to find out more.

Getting Over Stage Fright While Speaking in Public

One of the most frightful and difficult thing many people attempt in their lives is speaking in public. Public speaking is a skill that needs to be honed. Feelings of nervousness are typically normal for most people

Dealing With Public Speaking Nerves

Public Speaking refers to the ordeal of standing before a group of people and delivering a speech. The group or audience may vary as well as the type of speech that is given. It can be the valedictorian at a graduation or a presentation on behalf of a company or organizational body. The fact is that the process entails speaking to a group of people on a less personal basis.

Are You Really Afraid of Public Speaking?

Many people are afraid of public speaking as if expressing their thoughts and ideas in front of an audience is their lifetime challenge. Public speaking is not necessarily an outstanding talent, but the ability to convey orally information, something that we want to share. It is interesting that in writing we are more flexible simply because we have the feeling that what we want to convey is secured and we can control our inner voice.

Get the Best From Your Motivational Speaker

When you have made the decision to invest in hiring a motivational speaker it is important to get the most from them. However, getting the most from a motivational speaker is about more than choosing the speaker from a long list of options: it’s about making sure you’ve picked a speaker that fits your needs and the needs of your audience. There are two types of motivator to choose from.

When Disaster Strikes – 3 Ways to Avoid a Crash While Speaking

Welcome to the real world – things happen. Specially, things happen while you are delivering a speech. Bad things, things that can really screw up your speech.

3 Steps For Stopping Vocal Abuse Once and For All!

You know you have vocal abuse but you don’t know what to do about it. Some may tell you to whisper (truly a no-no!) while others tell you to stop talking. Neither is the answer. Whispering is very hard on your vocal folds (cords) and should never be done. And, most people are not in a position to stop talking for months or even a year to stop the discomfort or pain.

Troubled by Hoarseness Or a Persistent Sore Throat and You’re Not Sick?

You have been to a specialist and been told that there is nothing medically wrong but you still suffer from hoarseness and/or a persistent sore throat. You may even lose your voice by the end of the day. Yet the doctor sees nothing wrong with your throat or vocal cords aside from some redness. What is causing the redness, the hoarseness, or the pain and how can you put an end to it?

Zero to Hero in Public Speaking

Taking responsibility for improving the skills of public speaking and overcoming fear of public speaking, means focusing on some program that offer you an help. Each souled first search and then find one own unique solution. No magic pills!

Why Do We Fear Public Speaking?

Public speaking is often rated as the greatest fear that adults have. Yet speaking by itself is not threatening to most. It’s the public part that frightens people. Why is this?

Father of the Bride – How to Give the Most Memorable Wedding Speech

Are you the father of the bride who is terrified about the wedding speech? Don’t know what to say, yet alone how to say it? Here are the top tips on how to give the best wedding speech as the father of the bride.

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