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Public Speaking – Speech Giving Versus Presenting

There’s a big difference between giving a speech and giving a presentation. Of course, one cannot teach presentation skills without teaching basic speech skills, and vice versa. The two are closely related in terms of understanding how to use body language, voice, eye contact and other techniques. But while there are many similar and overlapping skills, the difference lies in the objective.

Developing the Speaker Within You: Sleepy Audiences

One of the most difficult things a speaker has to contend with is to speak mid afternoon. There are few more disconcerting sights than standing before an audience studying their body language, as speakers do, and seeing some of them yawning or dozing with eyes closed and heads drooping. Contrary to popular opinion, this is usually has nothing to do with the captivating nature of our address, or the lack of.

Public Speaking: 3 Cardinal Sins Committed by Speakers

There are little mistakes speakers often make, but if what you have to say is interesting and entertaining your audience is more than willing to overlook them. If you are a public speaker or would like to become one, then there are some things you must never do if you want to be successful. This article describes the 3 worst mistakes speakers make.

Public Speaking Will Not Improve Your Voice But Voice Training Will Improve Your Public Speaking

The search for good public speaking or presentation skills is on the rise. People want to know how to improve or hone their abilities to address an audience. One thing that is often overlooked, however, is training for the speaking voice. When you hear yourself on an answering machine, voicemail or some other form of recording, do you like what you hear?

A Simple Exercise for Overcoming a Monotone Voice

You can do it. You can end a vocal delivery that is flat, insipid, and lackluster. But first you will have to give yourself permission to do so.

Public Speaking: How To Make The Teleprompter Your Best Friend

If we try hard enough and get enough chances to speak to an audience (whom we hope have good listening skills), then we have an opportunity to get good at doing this. However, this can all fly out the door if we find ourselves in a TV studio someday staring at a teleprompter. What is this thing and how do we use it?

Extra Cheese On My Speech Please!

Smiling when speaking is one of the things we forget to do as speakers. We’re more concerned about speaking on a microphone or spiting out the first word. We want to please the audience, we want them to get the message, but we forget about the simple things in life that’s a basic universal mannerism. The smile!

Distinguish Yourself As A Speaker

Longtime ABC television anchor Peter Jennings asked his editorial staff regularly, “What can we do to distinguish ourselves today?” Speakers should ask themselves the same question, so they can stand out from the hoards who speak at civic, business, religious, government, political, and social events. This article provides five strategies for becoming distinctive, so that audiences will remember you, refer you, and invite you back.

Motivational Speakers: Getting Started

Being a motivational speaker can be a wonderful career choice. You may be asking, “How do I get started?” This article outlines 4 things that will help you get your career as a motivational speaker off the ground.

Developing the Speaker Within You: Capture That Inspiration

When speaking, or writing for that matter, it is often impossible to simply allocate time to be creative and then do it, or rather, be it. Just like that. Clinically. I often liken this condition to being ‘in the zone’. A time when ideas, concepts, themes and solutions just seem to flow. Like the tap has been suddenly turned on and our thoughts run unimpeded, unrestrained, freed from our circumstances, surroundings or competing priorities. Perhaps while sleeping, driving or in the shower we suddenly generate these amazing thoughts: the epiphany occurs and the solution or the idea just seems so clear. But how we capture that epiphany, that Eureka thought, is mission critical in these circumstances to prevent it being lost.

Elements of a Good PowerPoint Seminar

Seminars are one of the perfect ways to interact and convey the message to the target audience. This has been a great method to put the message across in an effective way. Public speakers are always in great demand and people follow them. This cult following is not easy to achieve. It comes only when one is a perfect speaker and a person who leaves an everlasting impact on the audience.

A Warning About Stalkers

To authors and speakers who do public appearances. Do you list your schedules online?

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