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Priceless Tips on How to Lead and Participate in Meetings

How often do we attend a meeting or discussion group and walk away thinking “That was a waste of time… we didn’t get much done there!” At other times we get things done, but they weren’t priority things that needed immediate attention. In all these cases it’s easy to be side-tracked and end up achieving little or simply end up where you started. This article, full of practical ideas and inspirations will show you precisely how to lead and participate in meetings that get things done.

Public Speaking: How and What to Rehearse

Much has been said about rehearsing your talk till you get it right. But what if you’re rehearsing the wrong things with the wrong voice inside your head? And what are the right things? And how do you rehearse them? This insightful article explains it all so when the time comes, you’ll step forward with confidence as a speaker in control, eager to share your ideas with your listeners.

How to Answer Questions From the Floor With Ease

How often do we see speakers sail through their talks only to founder on the jagged rocks of Question Time. This hands-on article, jam-packed with practical tips will show you how to steer clear of them and finish your talk on a high.

Impromptu Speaking: Thinking on Your Feet Under Pressure

One scenario we all dread is being put on the spot to speak without preparation. This could be the proverbial few words ‘off the cuff’ at a social occasion, a contribution at a meeting, fielding questions from the floor, or being spokesperson in a time of crisis. This article will show you how to say relevant, interesting things and get you off the hook!

Public Speaking: Plan Your Talk With the End in Mind

We’ve all experienced the uncertainty of a speaker who has little idea of why they are there let alone where they want to take their listeners. They lurch from one unrelated idea to the next hoping against hope that somehow it will all make sense. This hands-on article will show you how to avoid this awful predicament so your listeners know what you’re on about and stay with you every step of the way.

10 Simple Secrets to Successful Public Speaking

Many people freak out at the mere thought of having to give a speech. The 10 tried-and-proven tips and hints in this article reveal just how easy it can be to not only radiate confidence, but be an interesting speaker as well!

The Simple Secrets of Giving a Memorable Wedding Speech

When many stand to give a speech at a wedding reception quite often their central purpose is to ‘get it over and done with’ as quickly as possible… and miss out on the opportunity of making their speech a priceless gift to those they love. This practical article reveals 15 tried-and-proven secrets to ensure your wedding speech is not only moving and interesting, it’s delivered with confidence so people remember it for years!

Speaking Tips – Voice Projection Exercises Anyone Can Do

It is difficult to follow what might be an interesting and informative speech… if we could only hear more than a disconnected word or two at a time. When that happens, an audience can become restless and unable to stay tuned in to the speaker’s ideas. Voice projection is important in speaking, especially if the facility where you speak is not equipped with sound equipment.

Got a Great Voice? Get Paid For It!

Has everyone aside from your Mom been telling you that you have a great voice? So great that they almost get disappointed upon seeing you in person, as if you’ve projected Prince Charming with your smooth and suave voice over the telephone? Well, here’s your chance to capitalize on that talent. Read more.

Empowering Successful Women to Develop Self-Confidence

Two of my current presentation skills coaching clients struggle with self-confidence. They are both talented, smart, successful professional women. One has a Ph.D. in Engineering and over 20 years of experience in the electronics industry and the other is a CEO of a highly successful company. Yet, despite their success, they struggle with self-confidence. And I’ve noticed this self-confidence deficit in many of my clients, women and men, from all backgrounds. When it comes to presentations, whether to potential customers, senior management or industry colleagues, self-confidence matters.

5 Ways to Ensure Audience Interaction During Teleconferences

During my recent “Bold Presentation Skills” workshop, a project manager asked me the following question: “I set up a teleconference to introduce a new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to about sixty customers. No one had any questions or responded to me on the call. What should I do to prevent this from happening next time?” Here is how I responded to her question:

Public Speaking Tips From Chef Bobby Flay

I’m a fan of the TV cooking competition, The Next Food Network Star, hosted by celebrity chef Bobby Flay. The winning chef gets his or her own cooking show on the Food Network. The show offers lesson not just about cooking, but also about presentation skills because the winning chef has to be a good cook and effective and engaging on camera. In one episode, the contestants had a limited amount of time to cook an entree and then two minutes on camera to demonstrate it in front of a panel of famous TV chefs. Here are 4 lessons learned from the contestants during their two minutes presenting on camera that can also apply to your presentations:

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