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The Fear of Public Speaking – Fear of Speaking Before a Group

How many people have a fear of public speaking? Chris Green gets behind the headlines to discover the numbers and how they have changed over the last 30 years.

Take Your Speaking From OK to WOW

What separates a competent speaker from one that really WOW’s their audience and gets raving reviews? A lot of great speakers out there have different styles and you will most likely find some common elements that enable them to captivate the attention of their audience. Whether your goal as a speaker is to be entertaining, motivational or educational it is important to connect with and engage your audience. Here are 7 keys to take your speaking from OK to WOW.

Public Speaking – Volume Control

In Public Speaking lowering your volume can be as effective as raising it. It is not just about voice projection. This article shows how to deliver a speech; to whisper and be heard.

Speech Writing – The Key to Great Public Speaking

Great public speaking cannot simply rely upon entertaining delivery. It needs to be based upon a great script. That means spending time on your speech writing.

Your Goal May Be Public Speaking But Your Voice Is Your Calling Card

In order to improve your presentation skills, you research, you read, you listen, you watch speakers, you may even take a course in public speaking. Be it on the internet, in the boardroom, at a 1-day conference or your local community college, your goal is to learn as much as possible about honing your presentation skills.

Public Speaking: How Connectives Make Your Presentation Easier to Follow and More Interesting

Imagine that you are listening to a speaker at a conference or even at the head of the boardroom table and you begin to notice that every sentence is connected with the word ‘and.’ Have you ever heard this before? Nothing could be less interesting than listening to this dull, unimaginative style of addressing an audience except possibly hearing ‘you know’ at the end of every sentence!

How To Write A Speech That Will Capture Your Audience’s Attention

Good speechwriters know how to capture and hold their audience’s attention…

Engage Your Audience’s Heart and Emotions When Speaking in Public

No matter the context, people first connect with others emotionally, not through logic or reason. Give your audience a reason to like or trust you by first engaging their hearts (emotional level). If you do, you will have more people embrace your product/service or listen more intently to your message.

Eight Productivity Tips Every Speaker Should Know

As a self-employed professional, your ability to perform and make a living at speaking depends on your ability to be productive. Great success requires constant productivity. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for a working session to turn into a distraction. How often do you find yourself unexpectedly preoccupied with sharing FaceBook posts and YouTube videos with friends and family members?

One’s Name Is Like Music to Their Ears

I was reading through evaluations from a recent “Workplace Relationships” seminar that I delivered to the support staff at Lambton College in Sarnia. One participant wrote “I wanted to learn how she remembered all of our names”. I love to read good feedback, especially when it concerns ways that I can improve or things that really stood out for participants.

How Long Should A Speech Be?

Tips to help you decide how long a speech should be. Too many people when public speaking ramble on and on, boring their audience and losing their message. Use these tips to calculate how long your speech is and how to give concise, powerful speeches and presentations.

Three Good Reasons to Join Professional Speaking Organizations

As speakers, our success depends on our ability to speak well and convince others we speak well. Our success also depends on our ability to interact with and learn from those who also speak well, which is why joining professional speaking organizations is so important.

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