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The Fear Of Public Speaking – Fight or Flight

The Fear of Public Speaking is totally natural. It is the fight or flight syndrome which is as old as mankind. By understanding that this fear is natural we can work on ways to overcome it.

Three Critical Components to Effective Targeted Marketing

One key element to any successful marketing plan is a well-defined target market. Regardless of what we’d like to think, we can’t afford to target everyone. That’s because not everyone wants to buy our products or services. In finding those people who do, we make our jobs much easier, not to mention more affordable.

Is Public Speaking Making A Come-Back?

In the past five years or so, everyone seemed to gravitate towards their smart devices for marketing and communicating with friends, family, customers, etc. These devices beep to tell us to read a text message, beep to read an email, or beep to read any sort of update. It’s become evident that using your voice to communicate is no longer the popular thing. Even a simple voice call now feels difficult for some people these days! Then, last week, I had the most interesting business meeting with an associate I work with in the field of presenting.

How Can Poise Help You Speak and Influence Others?

Want to be cool, calm and collected – all the time? Discover how simply improving your poise can have a powerful impact on your impressions in public. You know those people who are just cool and confident to be around, the kind of person that nothing phases them, it’s all under control?

3 Important Keys to Getting Started Speaking

Speaking is a great marketing tool to build a business – whether it’s a service-based business or you have a physical product. By talking to a group you get to use leverage to talk to many at once, and you get to build trust and relationships – which are key to getting clients. It can be daunting and overwhelming if you are just starting out speaking. If you have decided to say YES to speaking, then it’s helps to know where to start first. In this article we will look at 3 areas for you to initially focus to get you out speaking to build your business.

Why It Pays to Speak

As an entrepreneur, the easiest way to grow your business is through speaking. Easy in that speaking provides massive leverage by getting you in front of a number of people at one time. It may not be the easiest thing for someone who has yet to master the art of speaking, let alone get over any fears one might have. In this article, we will look at why you want to include speaking in your business strategy and skillset.

Talk in Stories – Persuasive Speaking

Do you want to be a persuasive motivator? Learn to tell a good story. Because stories powerfully illustrate a point – your audience is wired to remember stories. Also, stories illicit emotion and capture the imagination. Most of all stories can change lives!

Benefits of Visual Aids in Public Speaking

There is a tendency to believe that all presentations need visual aids to support them. This rapidly becomes a belief that ALL presentations need visuals and we end up in a place where the visuals are more important to the speaker or the words they are delivering. In fact, when people talk about making a presentation, many of them are actually thinking about delivering a series of PowerPoint slides.

How to Plan and Deliver Your Maid of Honor Speech

You have been asked to be the Maid of Honor. But you realise this means giving a speech and the thought terrifies you. Read on for tips on how to plan and deliver a Maid of Honor speech.

One Ancient Speech Secret That Gets Great Results

There are many techniques business professionals can use to obtain a great speaking voice. There is, however, one ancient secret that to this day still is effective in helping to obtain a great speaking voice. It can still be used today.

3 Tips for Giving an Excellent Presentation

Presentation is something that probably all of us are quite familiar with. Unfortunately not many of us really know how to deliver a killer presentation. Giving an excellent presentation should be much easier than you think if you know the tricks…

Stress Recess: How to Manage Public Speaking Fear

As many at 75 per cent of people suffer from public speaking anxiety. The trick is to understand and control it – by understanding its origin, you can overcome it.

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