ESG’s Are the Reason for Woke Corporate Interests

The Value of Public Speaking Courses

There are numerous benefits of Public Speaking Courses no matter if one is still a student, a specialist looking for development or an individual embarking on self-improvement. In addition, these benefits, a few of which are rather unusual, work at several important levels: personal, intellectual and professional.

Mastering The Skill Of Public Speaking

One of the most important parts of your job is communicating with the people who are looking to you for guidance. Just exactly how to go about doing this in an effective way is a big challenge that every CIO faces every day. The great thing about living and working in the 21st Century is that we have a number of different ways to accomplish this task: email, phone calls, text messages, and making presentations. Of all of these different techniques, making a presentation is the technique that has been shown to be the most effective.

3 Secrets To Giving A Great Toast

One of the biggest problems with being a person who has given speeches before is that all too quickly people will start to think of you as “that person who gives speeches”. It really doesn’t matter if you are comfortable doing this or not, the simple fact that everyone knows that you’ve done it before means that if they have a need for someone to give a speech, they are going to come looking for you. Nowhere is this going to be more evident than when it comes time to make a toast.

6 Ways to Use the Stage Like a Pro Speaker

Every public speaker has to give a speech on a stage. But even though he is physically “on it,” using it is not one of his intentions. We often have the stage at our disposal and instead of salvaging all of its potential, we simply discard or ignore its importance. In this article you will find six ways to use the stage like a pro speaker.

Stand OUT Speaking Tip: What Every Audience Wants

Standing out from the crowd is difficult – whether you’re a speaker, sales professional or a musical group. In this article, you’ll read how a simple story about a legendary rock band and M&M’s can help you stand out every time you speak.

How I Survived One of My Worst Speaking Engagements

If you speak in front of enough audiences, you will have incredibly positive experiences AND you will have a few doozies. You know the kind, you’re in the middle of something and you wonder how you’re going to get through the experience. Read on to find out how I survived my worst Doozie!

Reclaim Our Heritage:Balance The Budget

This article explores the topic of balancing the budget in the United States and fiscal responsibility. Fiscal responsibility is an important concept to reclaim our heritage in America.

The Happiest Moment in Your Life Journey?

School days should be a happy time in a young person’s life. What can make people’s lives a misery during this time, then? In my opinion, there is one word which answers this question – bullying.

How to Get Over Stage Fright When Speaking in Public

Stage fright or speaking in public is one the most pervasive of fears. In fact, many people who have been surveyed stated that they fear speaking in public as much as heights or even dying. The psychological reasons may be numerous, but it basically comes down to being in a situation where you are being looked at and potentially judged by an audience.

Speaking Tip: Transform Facts Into Images That Inspire Action

The best speakers, leaders and sales professionals have the ability to transform ordinary numbers and facts into memorable pictures. This article offers an excellent example and a foundational process to crafting your own stand out images.

Don’t Talk Like A Robot

So there I was last week working with one of my speaking clients. He had just gotten done giving a speech and he had hurried back to me to get some feedback on how he had done. I told him quite truthfully that he had done a very good job. But. It was that “but” that caught his attention. There had been something that was just a little bit off that had caught my attention during his speech. I racked my brain trying to determine what it was. All of sudden I had it, he had spoken like a robot!

Are You Ever Too Old To Reduce Your Accent?

Many people who have been speaking English as a second language for a long time feel that it may be too late for them to reduce their accent. Is there any truth to this? When someone contacts me and asks me this question, my simple answer to them is “No, it is never too late to reduce your accent.” Learn some tips on how you can successfully reduce your accent at any age!

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