Empires, Conquerors, and Martin Luther

Tell Your Truths In Your Capacity As A Professional Speaker

Storytelling is an art, put yours on display during your next speaking engagement. Discover what it takes to become an effective storyteller.

A Dozen Ways to Improve Your Speaking

For years I’ve enjoyed listening to speakers of all types, trying to identify what makes them successful. Many preachers have developed their skills to a level of fine art, like Charles Swindoll or Joyce Meyers.

Do You Harbor Public Speaking Fears?

If you harbor public speaking fears in the deepest regions of your heart, there is nothing abnormal about it. You are like several others. It may interest you to know that the fear of public speaking has been ranked the most dreaded of all fears

Public Speaking Phobia – Is There A Cure For This?

Are you in the grip of public speaking phobia? Don’t be upset by this question. A very large number of people are gripped by the fear of speaking.

Public Speaking – Three Ways to Enjoy It!

The thought of public speaking, for many, conjures up feelings of fear; palpitations, a dry mouth, shaking knees. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Public speaking can be FUN and here are three ways to actually ENJOY it!

Toast the Bride and Groom

Are you in need of a quality speech to toast the bride and groom? Are you the Father or Mother or maybe best man or sister – whatever your honor, we have a speech for you…even the vicar.

When Are Celebrity Personal Appearances Used?

Celebrity personal appearances are more common these days than ever before in a variety of different walks of life and at a variety of different events and locations. Event organisers pay, often a great deal of money, for the celebrity personal appearances which make or break events. But the majority, even not for profit organisations, find that their money is well spent in terms of return on investment.

5 Tips to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Many people find public speaking stressful. However, in the course of our life, we will need to be engaged in some form of public speaking in order to accomplish certain task. The truth is, public speaking does not have to be stressful!

The Rise of After Dinner Speakers

After dinner speakers are more popular today than ever before and are increasingly a regular fixture at dinners in the business world, the charity world and at organisation and club events. Indeed, there are few events which cannot benefit in some way from a memorable speaker. After dinner speakers are usually intended to be the highlight to an evening and something which attendees will remember positively for a long time afterwards, regardless of the type of event.

Wedding Toasts As Best Man

So you have been given the honor of giving wedding toasts as a best man. To be sure to give this honor the respect that it deserves, you need to do your research and find the perfect source for that memorable wedding speech.

Five Keys to a Powerful Voice

If you watch TV, go to the movies, or attend live events – you’re hearing the sound of powerful voices. These voices range from strong, to confident, to persuasive, to ditzy, to natural, to trustworthy, to seductive and to many other sound qualities in-between. Various voices are engaged for various reasons. But here’s what most people don’t realize…

Public Speaking Fear – 5 Unique Ways to Deal With It

Is speaking in public a nightmare to you? If your answer is yes then you have just embarked on a journey of losing those fears!

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