Elon Musk Talks About Colonizing the Galaxy

Valuable Strategies for Making Money As a Public Speaker

A career as a public speaker can be both satisfying and lucrative. This article provides several important strategies for getting the most out of your career as a speaker.

Blasphemy, How Useful Is It for Publicity?

I note from the Guardian that the Irish Doyle is suggesting that there should be, in Ireland, an extension of the blasphemy laws to include all offences to religion whatever they may be. To represent the rights of atheists, responded to the new law by publishing 25 anti-religious quotations on its website, from figures including Richard Dawkins, Björk, Frank Zappa and the former Observer editor and Irish ex-minister Conor Cruise O’Brien, who are opposing the law by trying to be as blasphemous as possible, I guess they hope publicity from their publication by being taken to court.

Fear Of Public Speaking – How It Can Be Addressed

Of all the subjects regarding public speaking that people talk to me or write to me about. Fear is the number one issue. When questioned as to the reasons for being fearful, although it is natural to be so, the reasons given for the perceived fear are usually irrational.

Developing Self Confidence As a Speaker and Presenter

A lack of self-confidence often prevents people giving a good performance when speaking at a public event. Yet, with a few simple techniques, even the most phobic of speakers can stand up and deliver a credible presentation. This article looks at how you can develop the skills that will give you the confidence you need to entertain and enthrall your audience.

How to Be a Successful Speaker for Business Audiences

This brief article shows you how you can become a successful and confident speaker and presenter on business topics. It addresses techniques and approaches that you can use to help you become a sought-after speaker that people want to listen to and work with.

Marketing Tips for Professional Speakers

The key to success for any business is marketing. This is equally true for professional speakers. Once a speaker learns the best methods for marketing their services, they will begin to see an increase in revenue right away.

Writing a Speaker Proposal That Gets Noticed

Always remember: Writing the proposal is the hard work that is necessary for that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stand out. You can do it!

20 Tips for Delivering a Successful 20 Minute Presentation!

Would you like to have a checklist of tips as you prepare to create and deliver a presentation? Here is a list of 20 Best Practice Tips that will help you to deliver a successful presentation!

Two Public Speaking Models for Marketers – Educating Vs Selling From the Stage

Some marketers feel you should gear everything in your speaking presentation to what helps you sell. Others feel you should educate your audience and let them follow up with you if they want to learn more. Here are the best arguments for each view. You decide.

Speak Like A Novelist Writes

More than 100,000 new novels written in English surface every year. Clearly, novelists use communication tactics that carry strong public appeal. In shaping their material for audiences, speakers will benefit by following the example of novelists. This article reviews three fiction devices that will appeal to listeners as well as readers.

The Fear Of Public Speaking – How To Eliminate It

The fear of public speaking is as natural as anything else a human can be asked to do that is unknown to them. A person who is asked to dive into the sea with a blindfold on, or from a high cliff would be fearful of the consequences. The water surface could hide rocks or dangerous fish.

3 Important Elements of Persuasion in Public Speaking

The art of persuasion is one of the most important skills for people to master, yet it takes years to become a master of the skill especially for people who are not born with it like me. I personally have spent more than 5 years to learn public speaking and persuasion skills just to realize that there are a lot more things to learn and practice in both skills.

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