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3 Secrets To Telling A Great Story

Babe Ruth was great at baseball. Michael Jordan was fantastic at basketball. Joe Namath was a master of the game of U.S. football. As public speakers we’d like to be known as being the best at what we do. All of these sports stars had talents that made them better than everyone else. Guess what – there’s a speaking skill that can make you better than every other speaker out there!

Presentation Anxiety: 5 Public Speaking Techniques That Can Help

You’re not alone if you experience the jitters when speaking in public. I can relate to the sweaty palms, shaking knees, tight and dry voice that can plague a public speaker. Here are 5 techniques that can help get prepared to speak like a pro.

3 Things to Avoid When Delivering a Speech

Getting in front of people to give a talk is not easy for many. Some even say they fear public speaking more than they fear death. However, speaking in public is easier than one might think, especially if you focus on the subject matter where you are strong. Equally as important is having a clear message, and making sure you keep it to the allowed time.

7 Ways To Begin Your Message With Impact And Influence!

We can learn a wealth of information by listening to a speaker’s words and how they bring life to their message. Here are seven ways you can begin your message with impact and influence when giving a speech, sales pitch, or presentation.

How to Get Rid of Nervousness Before a Speech

For some people talking in front of an audience comes naturally, however, a lot of people have what is known in layman terms as stage fright. However, it also often happens that the person may be a good speaker and is confident in front of his peers but gets nervous when facing a crowd. This can be a big problem, and it can be devastating for your self confidence, no one likes making a fool out of themselves and that’s what causes problems as well.

You Never Have To Go Blank When Speaking

Having the proper notes can make the difference between huge success and complete destruction. This was the case with Gov. Rick Perry on Wednesday night. The result could be a disaster to his career.

The Qualities of Top Business Speakers

The demand for business speakers is high. Corporations are always looking for ways to train and motivate their employees. Even with the high demand for business speakers, this is a role not just any speaker can fill. A business speaker must have experience and solid expertise in the field. However, experience and expertise are not enough. Discover the particular qualities a business speaker must possess in order to succeed in the field.

One of the Most Important Things You Should Do in Public Speaking

It is something your audience would appreciate. It is something your body would be thankful for. And, it is something your mind could use.

The Top Two Ways to Sell Your Seminars

Public speaking is a competitive and often cut throat profession. There are countless speakers out there, but many will never attain the level of success they hoped for when they entered the field. Knowing how to sell your seminars is a critical component of the business. Here are two of the most important things to know.

Seriously Great Advice for Professional Speakers

Business advice is always welcome, especially when it comes to a highly competitive field like professional speaking. The best advice provides effective and doable solutions, rather than something vague without a clear way to implement it. If you want to excel as a speaker consider these 3 bits of great advice.

5 Ways the Top 1% of Speakers Drive Traffic to Their Websites

Internet marketing is the new mantra for any business online or off-line. The first step in Internet marketing is setting up a website. This is true for professional speakers as well. Without a website you may be waiting a very long time to secure a speaking engagement. Your website will showcase your talents, provide the details of your expertise in your particular niche, serve as your portfolio and feature testimonials from your past audiences.

6 Excellent Tips to Becoming a Better Professional Speaker

To be at the top of your game, and the top of your field, as a speaker, it is important to continue to develop and enhance your skills. Never settle for your current skill level. The top 1% of speakers never stop sharpening their skills, it is always a priority. If you want to be the best, and most sought-after, speaker in your niche, consider the excellent tips described in this article.

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