Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Vaccine Misinformation and Long-haul Covid

Overcoming the Fear Of Public Speaking By Having Good Physical Condition

Your fear of public speaking must be overcome. The fears will have implications on your ability to sell your ideas as a business leader, aspiring entrepreneur or even as small business owner. Once you acknowledge your fear of public speaking, re-frame, and control your fear, you may still experience the speech nervousness. You will need to have the right tools to manage it and make your presentations easier on yourself and your audience.

What Managers Can Learn From Politicians About Giving Speeches

Managers and politicians share a common requirement-speaking to groups. In hopes of improving their presentations, managers hire speech coaches, have their colleagues critique them, and read articles and books about speaking. Yet there’s another way managers can become more poised and persuasive–by watching politicians speak, and noting what works and what does not work for them.

10 Ways to Practice Presentation Skills

In your role, do you deliver presentations to others? If so, here are 10 suggestions you might consider as part of your overall presentation development and practice.

Why You Should Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Why you should overcome fear of public speaking question will lead you to another very important question i.e. how important is public speaking in your life? Without fully understand of how important is public speaking in your life, you will not going anywhere and you are in the big chances of not able to overcome you fear of public speaking. How Important Is Public Speaking In Your Life? Many people seem to have the idea that the ability to speak in public is a non-essential or even it’s a very luxury type of skills. They go through life telling themselves that “they don’t need it”. Some will say: “It’s alright for him, but not for me.” Others will say: “In his occupation or vocation it’s important, but in mine it doesn’t make any difference.”

Tap Into The Power Of Observational Humor To Score Big Laughs

So we all know that humor is one of a speaker’s most powerful tools. However, just exactly how best to use this tricky beast is something that we all continue to struggle with…

How to Get Rid of Fear of Public Speaking

Any teacher of speech will tell you that to become a good speaker you must study, yes – but more important still you must put what you have learned into actual practice. One of the ways on “How to Get Rid of Fear of Public Speaking” is by organizing your own public speaking group. If you are not fortunate enough to be able to attend regular classes that fact need not deter you. If you have the necessary determination, you can obtain somewhat similar practice by organizing a discussion club of your own among friends with similar interests and objectives.

Simple Tips on How to Overcome Nervousness in Public Speaking

How to overcome nervousness in public speaking? In this article I’ll share with you on simple tips in helping to reduce your nervousness in public speaking. Public speaking is something which must be learned like anything else. In some respects learning to speak in public is like learning to drive a car. Yet more than 30 million people in the United States alone have learned to drive! So why shouldn’t you learn to speak in public? Back to our main topic, “How to overcome nervousness in public speaking?, after you had learned the basic rules, they became second nature to you, particularly after you had put them into practice a few times. Today you get in the car and almost automatically you go through all of the complicated actions to start, drive, stop or turn around. This is a perfect illustration of what knowledge of the basic rules, plus a little practice will do for anyone. Fundamentally, the same rules apply in speech making.

Want More Color and Life in Your Voice?

When I teach my clients or my students how to speak with emotion, I emphasize that there is no right or wrong answer with color. Color is the life, the emotion, the animation you express in speaking. Color is determined by your topic as well as your mood or attitude. The only thing that would be considered wrong would be to deliver a speech or presentation without any life or emotion.

Three Easy Tips to Speak Clearly and Effectively

If you’re always being asked what you said because people didn’t hear the words that left your mouth then it’s times to work on speaking more clearly and effectively. Check out these three simple tips to help you speak more clearly.

How to Start a Successful Open Mic Series

Chances are if you’re a writer you’ve been to an open mic. What was it about that open mic last night that made you want or not want to come back? Was it the people, the venue, the performances or all three? After over two years of running my own open mic series and attending scores of open mics I’ve come up with my own list of what makes for a great series. This post is both for regular open mic attendees and folks who are interested in stepping into an open mic hosting role.

You Must Stake Your Claim First!

So it is in everything else you may think you want in life. Be careful what you want, you may receive it and it will be your undoing to get rid of what you swear you did not ask for. It just happened! Right! I have claimed many things in my life, many were blessing beyond my comprehension. A few turned out to be nightmares. You must have the thorns if you want the roses. To my knowledge there are no roses available with out thorns.

Go From Free to Fee

What are you doing right now to get paid to speak. In this article, you’ll learn a few tips for how to go from free to fee!

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