Does Joe Rogan Think the DMT Elves Are Real?

The Beginner’s Guide to a Career As a Professional Speaker

Do you plan to start a career as professional speaker and aren’t sure where to begin? This article describes some of the fundamentals for beginning a rewarding career as a speaker.

Getting Rid of Public Speaking Fear

Being a Paid Public Speaker: How to get rid of fear Public speaking has become the point of wealth creation for many. Those charming informers that can be found leading seminars pocket thousands on average at every performance. People with outgoing personalities seem to grow richer everyday.

A Guide to Writing a Funeral Speech

Giving speeches is something that not everybody is good at. It freezes you in front of your audience and you stammer because you fear that they may laugh at you or find you boring. However, there are some people who are naturals when it comes to speeches.

What Harry Potter Can Teach You About Creating A Speech Introduction

What’s interesting about movie trailers is that they have been designed with one thing in mind: to get you to come back and see the movie that they are advertising. Maybe we can learn something from trailers that we can use in our next speech.

Every Speech Gives You Opportunities to Improve

The primary purpose of any presentation is to help your listeners. Because of your speech, audience members will use new sales strategies, start an exercise and diet program, begin each day with a more positive attitude, or accomplish another goal you champion. Yet every speech gives you opportunities to improve, too–as a speaker. You will want to make maximum use of this “teachable moment,” so your next speech will surpass the one you just gave. This article describes four vital evaluation and learning steps for you to take immediately after every speech.

How to Record Great Video Footage Every Time

With a little time and preparation, professional speakers can get great live video footage. Topics include pointers on the rehearsal, digital video equipment, room set up, types of camera shots, lighting, and more. Following these tips will give you confidence in the recording process and satisfaction with the resulting recording.

Public Speaking Anxiety – Why We Feel Nervous

Public speaking anxiety is much more common than you may think. Always remember that you are not alone in worrying about speaking in public; many people experience “stage fright” when they have to give a speech. Many of us take the fear of public speaking as being a weakness and will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid it at all cost.

Public Speaking Fear and Rebuilding Self Confidence

To overcome public speaking fear needs a lot of hard work and visualization. Start by creating a safe place for yourself in your mind…

Three Ways to Boost Coaching Income by Speaking

The adage “work smarter not harder” is an effective strategy to boost your coaching income by speaking. Three ways to work smarter are to book more public speaking engagements, prepare well for individual consultations and to position yourself as an expert in your field.

Presentations – Write a Presentation That Won’t Put Them to Sleep

Nearly every professional calling will result in you being called upon at some point to give a presentation. Whether you’re training personnel, presenting results of a project, selling an idea, or making an annual report, the quality of your work will be judged in part by the quality of your presentation of that work. The following three points will help you plan and perfect a presentation that will keep your audience engaged and entertained.

Fear of Public Speaking and Things Not to Do

The fear of public speaking is a very common problem and leads to a lot of anxiety and self-doubt amongst people in all walks of life. On top of this there are many books and blogs and articles available on how to overcome this problem. Most of this advice is well-meaning but there are so many opinions and advice that it becomes very difficult for the person with a public speaking fear to decide which is the best advice to follow.

How to Get More Speaking Engagements!

Does speaking in public scare the pants off you? Well, then, you are in the majority. Most people have a fear of public speaking and so, they don’t do it.

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