Derrick Lewis on Overcoming His Past

Presentations: PowerPoint Is Not Your Autocue

Many presenters use too many bullet points and bore their audience. This article explains why and gives tips on how to engage your audience.

Public Speaking Tips – Ways to Forget About the Nervousness

Are you apprehensive about an upcoming job interview? Do you get uneasy when you speak in meetings?

Developing the Speaker Within You: How Do We Sound?

Regardless of where we are speaking, whether in a formal conference environment replete with sound systems, or at an informal, impromptu gathering reliant on our voice alone, the object is the same: to communicate clearly and positively. Because it’s equally important for our words to sound right as it is to use the right words, we need to carefully deliver those words to ensure we actually are heard. The logic is simple: quality content or not, if our audience can’t hear us properly because of sound volume, quality or distracting sounds we have lost them.

Developing the Speaker Within You: Be Yourself

How hard it is to measure up, to be ranked well, to compare favorably with others as a speaker. Yet that isn’t the objective, and generally leads to frustration, and potentially, failure. Our goal as a speaker is not to be someone else. Ever. Ever. When we try to emulate some other great speakers style, mannerisms, presentation skills or practices we are in fact setting ourselves up for failure. Put simply, we are all different, in how we think, act & speak, so at best comparing ourselves is an unfair comparison. The greatest strength for a speaker is to be ourselves, to build on our unique nature and outlook. To take what is innately ours and present it to the world in all its originality.

How to Become Successful in Persuasive Speaking

When you were able to captivate plus control your audience or listeners at how you talk, that is persuasive speaking. Because of the powerful words you make use of and the way you converse with them it will be easier for you to persuade the listeners’ ideas and make them believe what you wish these people to believe. A very good communication skill is the best quality of a persuasive speaker.

Become a Charismatic Storyteller

Being a charismatic storyteller is a talent and skill that attracts and engages others and it is the ideal way to attract the opposite sex, land a job during the interview process, or entertain family and friends. Stories are meant to liven the situation, whether a formal setting or informal setting. They engage others and brighten spirits.

Tribute to One of the Best Motivational Speakers and Authors: Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy is a different kind of motivational speaker, and proud of it. In fact, he’d probably take offense to the term, as he is a business trainer and marketer first… yet his teachings have motivated thousands of people to improve their businesses, therefore, he qualifies in our ‘top motivational speakers’ list.

Honoring Top Inspirational Speaker: Craig Valentine

Craig Valentine was once a very laid-back basketball player and no one would have guessed he’d choose the career he has today. He was a silent type of guy on and off court. Well, him being a man of few words didn’t mean he wasn’t thinking! Today, he inspires and motivates thousands, all over the world, through the words he says.

Honoring Great Inspirational Speaker and Author: Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale was a prominent motivational speaker who lived from 1921 to 1989. He’s commonly known as the ‘Dean of Personal Development,’ Nightingale’s recorded messages and books have influenced quite a few individuals worldwide.

Honoring Top Inspirational Speaker and Author: Garrison Wynn

When talking about the best motivational speakers on today’s circuit; a lengthy career, prolific work, honors, and the respect of their crowd and peers, are crucial variables to consider. That is why Garrison Wynn is such an obvious choice for inclusion in any list of motivational greats.

Daily Exercises for Your Speaking Voice

Your voice is like an instrument and needs to be thought of as such. Thee daily exercises will develop your voice and maintain it. Not only that, but the exercises will keep you looking young as they exercise your facial muscles.

12 Tips to Lose Nervousness When Public Speaking

Valuable Tips when you are Nervous at Public Speaking. Prior Preparation and Planning Prevent Poor Performance. This saying is especially applicable when you are preparing to give a speech in Public. Tell yourself, 10 times a day, “I’m getting better at this”.

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