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Overcome Your Public Speaking Fears: Diversion Tactics For When You Panic

A big question looming in the mind of any nervous presenter is: “What if I panic in the middle of my speech?” What can you do to stall for time while you pull yourself back together? The options are nearly limitless, but below are three basic and reliable methods of regaining your composure.

Five Important Rules to Remember When Speaking English

We all want to be confident, effective speakers in our professional and personal lives. Here are some important guidelines you should follow that will help make your public speaking skills sound polished and professional!

Developing the Speaker Within You: Keeping Time

Every good speaker understands the imperative of timeliness. Although somewhat earthy, the old saying stand up, speak up, sit down, shut up resonates here. It is entirely unprofessional, and inherently rude to exceed the nominated, or agreed time for a speech or presentation. Disciplined speakers finish on time, every time, but for the rest of us, there is a role for well structured speakers notes to solve this problem. Whether we are using fully written notes, or mere memory prompts only, the principle is the same: use our notes to keep us on track and on time.

Secrets to Making a Great Speech

Need some help to plan and deliver a speech? Read on for some help from a speech and drama expert.

5 Facts You MUST Understand Before You Give a Best Man Speech

Best Man speeches can be difficult for guys who over complicate and make the event bigger than it needs to be. You can easily get caught up in blowing this speech out of proportion and making it seem like it’s the biggest thing in the world. If that’s the case for you, just take a deep breath and relax.

In Speaking, “Sell” Is a Four Letter Word

It’s weird. Professional speakers, who are often paid thousands of dollars to give a one-hour talk, are expected to “sell from the platform” – that is, encourage audience members to go to their product table at the back of the room to buy their books, CDs, DVDs, notepads and promotional items using a short commercial at the end of their talk. The problem is that when the pitch goes on too long, it can backfire.

All Speakers Should Avoid These Groups

Your audience wants you to succeed. They want you to do well so that they can be entertained, informed and inspired. Your self-confidence grows. As you become more confident, you build credibility. Then you are introduced to three groups. You believe they will bring your speeches to a higher level. You expect a stronger connection with your audience. It is not working. Your message is not connecting. What went wrong? Looking back, you recognize you were focusing on these three groups too much. If you had avoided them from the start, you would not have regressed.

Public Speaking Tips on Persuasive Speeches: How to Win Over Your Audience

Every speech should be persuasive, even eulogies, reports, instruction and crisis communications. Most of us tend to think of things like fund raising, community activism or political campaigns when we hear the phrase ‘persuasive speech’. This article is geared to that type of speech: a speech which tries to convince an audience to get involved in the speaker’s cause. To that end, we offer you a number of public speaking tips in the art and the science of persuasion.

Coaching Skills: 6 Leadership Tips for Effective Instruction, Teaching, Training and Mentoring

Sometimes the thing that makes a lesson really stick is not the information, but the person teaching it. Think back to your favourite teachers, coaches and trainers, and consider how much they helped you with their effective teaching style. Would you have absorbed their messages if they hadn’t been great communicators? Read below to take a leaf or two from their book, whether you are leading a class, training a group of new employees, or coaching a subordinate who has recently been promoted. These coaching skills will make you more effective.

Public Speaking Training: Making an Announcement While Keeping Your Listeners Interested

One of the most common forms of public speaking is making announcements. Making and hearing announcements is a daily occurrence for many workplaces, clubs and volunteer organizations. They are so common, in fact, that we often forget about all the things that make the announcement, short or long, an effective form of presentation.

Presentation Skills Training: Making an Energetic Presentation With Body Movement and Speaking Pace

Energy is a critical element for any motivational speech, whether to a rally of thousands or to one potential customer or employee. So how do we express that energy and translate it to our audience?

Improve Your Presentation Skills: Crisis Communication in Emergency Situations

Crisis communication is a vital part of not only our presentation skills, but of our leadership skills as well. A crisis situation creates uncertainty, leading in some cases to panic. So you need a crisis communications plan to deal with anyone who will be concerned if your group has a major problem.

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