Demi Lovato on Being Bullied as a Teenager

How To Look Confident, Even Though You’re Speaking In Public

Does public speaking turn your mouth into the Sahara? Use these 12 tips to overcome nerves and present with confidence.

Practice to Speak Clearly and Effectively – Hold Audience Attention

Have you ever attended a meeting to hear a speaker who made you lose focus and to move your thoughts away from the speech? Did you applaud with the rest of the audience when the speaker finished although you couldn’t retain any of the speech that you really didn’t hear? Or you may have wished that the speech was soon over. This happens to speakers who can’t communicate their ideas and beliefs. Their audience can’t find the speaker’s objective. A smooth speaker communicates clearly, concisely and adds a little humor.

Public Speaking – How To Overcome Hesitation And Speak Confidently

Were you nervous in your presentation before? In this article, I am going to share with you 3 tips to allow you to overcome hesitation and speak confidently in your presentation.

(Too Many) Schools Teaching Archaic Speaking Techniques

Public Speaking skills can make or break a child in later life. Why are some of our schools teaching outdated ideas?

Overcoming Public Speaking Fear – Top 10 Secrets of Successful Speech Making

Public speaking, like spiders, is just one of those things that tend to inspire fear in many people. However, it’s possible to go about overcoming public speaking fear with a few simple exercises, techniques, and proper preparation.

How to Deal With Fear of Public Speaking

How to deal with fear of public speaking is considered by most of us as the hardest thing to deal with because this is the fear that we alone do inflict on ourselves. However, as we always say, fear is only in the state of mind so fear in public speaking is nevertheless a manageable state.

Public Speaking: How To Close A Speech

Closing a speech in an effective manner is quite important in public speaking as it leaves an impact on the minds of audience. Let’s read in this article how we can make it effective.

How to Survive a Presentation When You Forget Your Speech

I had practiced my speech for two weeks straight, reciting it day in and day out, committing it to memory. A young, confident senior at the University of Southern California at the time, I knew my education had prepared me for this moment… or so I thought.

Who Makes the Better Audience – Men Or Women?

When I first started my business some years ago, I was told that, “insurance people think they’re perfect but realtors know it.” While this was an interesting tidbit I stored away for future reference, I have found that audiences vary far beyond those in the insurance or real estate business.

How the Exact Same Technique Corrects Both Voice Problems – Too Loud Or Too Soft

Something unusual happened recently, something which I haven’t experienced in all my years as a voice coach. It happened on two consecutive days.

Planning an Anti-Violence Assembly at a Middle School

Planning a school assembly can be frightening but if you plan ahead of time and know the steps to take, it can be rewarding for your students. Assemblies are put on to educate students on a serious topic like violence or bullying.

Overcome Public Speaking Fear – Top 10 Best Methods for a Positive Outcome

It is natural to feel intimidated by the prospect of getting up in front of strangers to deliver a speech. However, with the following methods, you can start to overcome this and reach a positive outcome.

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