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Why A Bit Of Surprise Is Just What Your Next Business Presentation Needs

Sigh. It’s time for you to give yet another business presentation. I’m not excited to hear you give it and I’d be willing to bet that despite the importance of public speaking you are not excited to give it. Hmm, this sorta looks like we are headed for a disaster. There has got to be a way to fix this problem. It turns out that there is and it’s actually pretty simple to do: add some surprise to your next business presentation.

Public Speaking Tip: Discover Your Hidden Speaking ‘Treasure’

Far too often, people overlook or discount their own experiences. They don’t feel as if their stories are valuable, or that other people want to hear them. Learn how you can uncover your hidden speaking ‘treasure.’

Stand OUT! Speaking Tip: How to Engage Your Audience With One World Class Storytelling Technique

You can stand out from the crowd when you stop speaking like a reporter, and instead tell your story from your characters’ perspective. Learn how to use this one storytelling tool that has been called the ‘heart’ of a story.

Stand OUT! Speaking Tip: Are You Effectively Using Your Most Powerful Presentation Tool?

One of the most powerful delivery ‘tools’ at your disposal is one that most people overlook. Discover how to best use this and create a deeper bond with any audience.

Channeling Your Nerves to Become a Better Public Speaker

Many of us are afraid of public speaking. While some may loath the feeling, it is important to embrace it. Learning to use our nerves correctly will make you a better speaker.

How to Become a Master Female Communicator

Communication is a key ingredient in any relationship, whatever type of relationship it may be. Whether at the office, at home or among friends, you need to master certain skills in order to become a master female communicator. From the business end, here are some tips to help you out if you are having difficulties: Key Conversation Prerequisites – Before a conversation can even begin, a key thing to remember is to give the other person a brief of what to expect.

Using The Power Of Pain To Bring Humor To Your Next Speech

Just how many of us actually look forward to business presentations? I’d be willing to bet just about none of us. The reason that this type of presentation is so almost universally avoided despite the importance of public speaking is because they are just flat out boring. Nobody ever spends much time preparing for these meetings and it generally shows! What if you are the one who has been asked to put on a business presentation? What could you do to possibly make a presentation that nobody is looking forward to better than they would expect?

Stand OUT! Speaking Tip: What Will It Cost If You DON’T Speak?

If you’re afraid of public speaking, you are focused on the wrong aspect of speaking. What will cost if you DON’T take advantage of your opportunities to speak?

Learn to Manage Your Fear of Speaking – Don’t Go AWOL

Why are people afraid of speaking? Bad experiences? Social conditioning? Those may be true, but there is an even deeper reason. You don’t need to run away from public speaking, just learn why this fear is natural, and how to manage it.

When It Comes To Making Your Speech Funny, Seconds Count

With a little luck, we can all agree that adding some humor to your next speech will only make that speech that much better. However, one of the big unanswered questions is given the importance of public speaking just exactly where you should add your humor: at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end? There may not be one single answer to that question; however, adding humor at the start of your speech is always a good idea. Now, the big question is exactly how to go about doing this…

Stand OUT! Speaking Tip: Fall in Love Again to Impact Your Audience

Familiarity and boredom with your material is one of the biggest obstacles faced by experienced speakers. Pick up ideas on how to overcome this problem and fall in love with your own material again.

Storytelling Tip: Without a Climactic Scene, There Is No Story

If you want to keep your audience’s interest throughout your story, it’s important to take them through the scene that shows that change in your characters. Learn how to keep people on the edge of their seats through the key moments in your story.

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