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5 Tips for Creating a Crisp and Memorable Introduction

If you are the speaker at a meeting, conference or event, it’s one of your responsibilities to provide a written introduction to the meeting organizer. The purpose of the introduction is to capture the audience’s attention and give them a quick overview of your background and experience. Here are 5 tips for creating a crisp and memorable introduction:

The Golden Rule of Communications

When you are preparing a presentation, it is important to remember what I call the Golden Rule of Communications: “Communicate unto others as they want to be communicated to — not as you want be communicated to.” For example, if you know your audience is very focused on numbers, such as sales or net profits, then that’s how you would start the presentation. Or if you know the audience is comprised of people who are very focused on customer relations and customer issues, you need to…

Please DO Read the Speaker’s Introduction Word for Word

If you are introducing a speaker at a meeting, conference or event, it’s not only okay to read his or her written introduction word for word, it’s also necessary. Introductions are one of the rare exceptions to the “don’t read your presentation” rule.

5 Reasons Why Presenters Won’t Use a Microphone

Often, I have seen people refuse to use a microphone when they’re presenting, whether at an office meeting, community event or industry conference. Yet, using a microphone correctly can make it easier for the audience to hear you and understand your message – which is the whole point of your presentation. Here are the 5 reasons I hear for not using a microphone – and how you can overcome them.

Presentation Skills: What Is Your Message?

When you are preparing a presentation, one of the first things to do is to focus on your message. Think of your message as the one thing you’d like the audience to remember from your presentation.

The 3 Ps of Perfect Presentation

As a Presentation Coach – I am asked frequently -‘I have a presentation next week – how should I prepare???’ I have seen delegates (given the right training) develop their Public Speaking, however what fascinates me are those who make the greatest transformation in the least time. It is the study of those people that gave way to the 3Ps of Perfect Presentation

The Value of Diaphragmatic Breathing in Public Speaking

There are several dynamics that make for good public speaking but the one component that far outweighs all others is the need to breathe while speaking. Without air, there is no voice. And yet, many novice speakers never think about that life-giving force when addressing an audience. In fact, it is often the last thing on their minds when indeed it should be the first.

5 Ways To Make Speech Humor Work

Humor is hard. Humor in speeches is extra hard. However, humor is also a key part of getting your audience to realize the importance of public speaking. Your chances of connecting with your audience and getting your point across increases dramatically if you can work humor into your next speech. What’s a speaker to do?

How to Get the Most Mileage Out of Every Speaking Event

Successful speakers understand how to capitalize on live speaking engagements. After all, the preparation required to deliver a stellar message can be leveraged for other activities including building credibility, adding to a revenue stream, and driving traffic to a website. Learn how to get the most mileage out of every speaking opportunity by taking advantage of the hard work that goes into preparing each message.

Public Speaking Tips – Control Your Body Language

Your body language in presentations is probably more important than the words you say, and how you say them, combined. If your body language is non-existent, hostile or defensive, your audience will reflect the feeling they get from you. If your body language is expressing something different to what you are saying, it is likely that your audience will not believe a word that comes out of your mouth.

Conference Keynote Speakers – Reasons You Should Hire Them

When you hear about keynote speakers, you probably immediately think of a person beginning an event. This is because the title has been derived from the musical term ‘keynote’, which refers to the base that underlines all music created. Nowadays, keynote speakers are becoming very popular among businesses.

How Different Is A Business Presentation From Public Speaking?

Actually a business presentation requires the same skills as effective public speaking. After all, both are forms of business communication.There are, however, some unique demands placed upon you when making a business presentation.

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