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Speaking Without Notes

When you watch speakers address audiences without relying on any notes- sometimes even leaving the podium to roam among the audience-you may wonder how they do that. Do they have photographic memories? Do they just speak “off the cuff”? Really, there’s no mystery or magic involved here. Let’s look behind the scenes.

1 + 4 = Public Speaking Success

Yes you can apply math to public speaking. In fact 1 + 4 = success in public speaking. Anyone can easily add this up.

How To Write A Killer Wedding Speech

Is the speech you have to give at an upcoming wedding stressing you out? Here are some tips to help you put together a great wedding speech that will make you the toast of the night.

The Tricky Task Of Mastering Court Interpreting

Court interpreting is a tricky field of work that requires a range of different skills to master. Simply being fluent in a language pair and having a bachelor’s degree isn’t enough, if you’re interested in court interpreting professionally than you also need to undergo specialized training. Read on to learn just what it takes to become a good, employable court interpreter.

The Importance Of Court Interpreting And The Skills Of A Court Interpreter

Becoming a court interpreter is a good way to both ensure steady work and to do something positive for other people. A court interpreter is an individual who helps non-English speakers communicate clearly and effectively in a court of law. An interpreter works to make sure the non-English speaker understands everything that court officials are saying to them, and that their words and testimonies are accurately understood by those officials. Court interpreting is therefore a key skill to possess as this article will explain.

What Transformers 3 Taught Me About Giving Speeches

A little while back I went out to the movie theater and saw the movie “Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon”. If you are hoping for a movie review, I’m afraid that I’m going to end up disappointing you. However, it turns out that this movie has a lot of lessons for speakers if you know where to look for them…

How Good Are Your Storytelling Skills?

The value of storytelling in public speaking is undeniable. Audiences love true stories especially if they are recounted with a good description. You may use them in your opening, your closing, or place them in the development of your delivery as long as they are relevant to your topic.

One of the Best Kept Secrets of Dynamic Public Speaking

Do you know what one of the best kept secrets is in public speaking? It has nothing to do with your material but is vital in your delivery. All the great speakers do it while many novices do not. It is easy to do and natural. In fact, you do it in normal conversation with your family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances and never give it a second thought.

Do You Know the 5 Most Important Benefits of Voice Training?

While you may think that voice training is just for politicians and actors, today, people in business are becoming much more aware of its value. Courses are offered by means of books, CDs, and even video, as well as workshops and private consultations.

Public Speakers: Save Media Professionals and Planners Time by Having an Online Media Room

Hurry. Hurry. Hurry, that’s the norm for most media professionals and meeting planners. Most are in a hurry, busy and need an expert quickly and one they can find and hire without any hesitation. So, it’s your job to make them feel confident in hiring you as the expert, it’s your job to showcase and provide material online that will lead them to make the right decision with confidence and no hesitation.

How To Open Your Presentation With Commanding Attention

Your opening must do three things for you. Grab attention, set the direction and establish rapport. Without their attention you have a room of non-listeners. Without knowing your direction your audience will feel lost and confused. Without rapport you might have a room of enemies.

Public Speaking Extraordinaire

Some of this may seem obvious but it is all very important to a successful speech. Hopefully, since you selected your subject you know the subject thoroughly. If not, make sure and master the subject totally.

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