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Some Tips To Improve Your Accent

In general, it is best to ask someone who is into language studies or is an advanced American Accent student. It’s even better if you can get critique from a professional accent coach. You need to be told what you are doing wrong. Of course, it will ultimately be up to you to figure out how to get it just right.

Mind Dynamics: What Are Mind Cues?

Mind Cues are triggers that everyone holds on to at a subconscious level. Most people don’t even know that they exist. If you deal with people as a teacher, preacher, counselor, doctor or salesperson – you all should become very familiar with these items.

Body Language in Public Speaking – Non Verbal Tool to Deliver Your Message

How do you know the person on stage is a great speaker? Body language is a great communication tool helping you to deliver your message. Get to know some basic tips.

Surviving Disasters During a Speech

Sometimes when you are speaking in public, you’ll slip up and have trouble continuing your speech. From losing your place to slipping up on something you said, there are sadly many ways to mess up while speaking. Here are some tips to keep your cool and finish your speech as strongly as possible.

Speech to Give? Some Ideas to Remain Calm

I can’t help you overcome the fear of public speaking, but here are some ideas to help you arrive prepared, calm, and self confident. Hint: It’s all about the checklist!

Public Speaking Tips for Financial Professionals

The fear of public speaking is a common thing amongst many people in the financial profession. This can be quite overwhelming but there are some public speaking tips that can be of great help to you. Even though you cannot get rid of stage fright entirely, these tips will help you minimize your anxiety and to relax when you have to talk to a large crowd.

Tired of Sounding Like a Child (And You Are Over 21)?

A problem many women experience is hearing themselves on some form or recording equipment and discovering that they sound like a teenager or worse yet, a child. Unfortunately, if this is the case with you, then what you are hearing on your voice mail or answering machine is exactly how everyone else recognizes you.

Can You Learn American Accent Through Self-Study?

If you came to the U.S. to find work however, then you most likely do not have the time to enroll in a full-time course while you are still seeking employment. The same is true if you do find work and you are fully-employed. It is in these situations wherein you might find yourself asking, “is it possible to learn the American Accent through self-study?”

Pronunciation Errors: Don’t Let Them Bother You Too Much

From kids to adults, people are trained to follow one specific way of doing things in order to pass academic exams, accreditation tests, proficiency tests, and other similar so-called examinations. Thus, if you learned English as a second language, then you might have also been trained to follow strict and rigid rules of grammar and syntax as well as proper pronunciation of certain words.

Why You Should Learn The American Accent

While it is not really necessary to learn how to speak with an American Accent if you are a foreigner living in the U.S., the many benefits that come with the ability to speak like an American does make it worth your while.

Agenda Slides Don’t Work: There Is an Effective and Elegant Alternative

It constantly amazes me that many presenters do not know, or choose not to use, one of the best psychological techniques available to elegantly convince their audience of the value of what they are proposing. Instead, many presenters use a common & far-less effective technique that is the antithesis of effective communication techniques: The written “Agenda Slide” in a PowerPoint presentation.

Flight or Fight Response and Public Speaking – Overcoming Nerves and Fear to Speak in Public

Flight or Fight Response is the worst enemy of anyone with a mild, moderate, or severe fear or speaking in public. My story as to how I overcame my fear of public speaking so I no longer suffer from Nerves, Blushing, Shaking and many of the other symptoms associated with stage fright when having to get up in front of a group.

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