Dave Smith Explains the War in Yemen

Keep it Simple in Public Speaking

How often had you heard the premise in public speaking that you should tell your audience what you want them to hear, tell them again what you want them to hear and finally tell them once more what you have already told them? The reasoning behind this advice is that your listeners will only remember between 10% and 30% of your message; thus, it is to your advantage to repeat the information which you want them to remember.

3 Steps For Making Your Voice Your Greatest Asset

Most people who hear themselves on their voicemail or answering machine do not like what they hear. How do you feel when you hear yourself on some form of recording equipment? When you think about the image you project, be it in person or over the phone, would you consider your recorded voice to be an asset? Does it ‘speak well’ for you?

Five Reasons to Hire a Speechwriter

Many would not even consider hiring a speechwriter unless they were running for political office. But here are a few important reasons why you should consider it.

Increase Your Public Speaking Confidence

Increasing your confidence in public speaking is not always about the actual speaking skills. Here is a tip that boosts your confidence that will surprise you.

Tips on Making Presentations

For a presentation to have impact, it should be able to keep an audience completely engrossed. You do not need to be a high profile speaker in order to make a great presentation. Just follow these handy pointers to help you develop your presentation skills.

Public Speaking – 5 Keys to Excel at Public Speaking

Does the thought of public speaking fill you with dread? You are not alone. Standing before a crowd can make you feel exposed and that everyone is judging you. Follow these 5 tips to excel at this important skill.

How to Analyse Yourself As a Speaker in 4 Easy Steps

Good public speaking is a skill that can be acquired and one aspect of developing that skill is to analyse yourself as a speaker. Yes you heard me correctly.

Best Man Speeches Do’s and Don’ts

If you have been asked to give the best man speech at a wedding, don’t worry too much, it can be much easier than you may first think. Try to speak from the heart, use a little comedy and keep it as simple as possible.

Beginning a Speech to Startle, Dazzle and Amaze Them

There is a well known saying that we only have 60 seconds to make a first impression. When we are giving a speech, it is the same. We need some way to grab the audience’s attention; in fact we need to ideas on how we can ‘Startle, Dazzle and Amaze Them’.

Public Speaking – 3 Tips on How the People Around You Can Help You to Become a Better Speaker

Public speaking is an important topic in today’s world. Everyone has spoken at least once in public. Especially as business man speaking in public is essential. You won’t become successful without any speaking skills. So what can you do to improve yourself?

5 Key Tools When Delivering a Presentation

How would you like to delivery your next presentation with ease? 1. Go to the center of the stage, stand with your feet slightly apart inline with your shoulders and let your hands fall at your side.

Five Things You Should Know About Speech Writing

Writing down what you want to say before you say it sounds easier than it is. After all, we all talk to other people throughout the day and never even bother to write down what we’re going to say first, right? So writing it down ought to be even easier!

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