Dave Chappelle on Getting the Rights to “Chappelle’s Show”

What Public Speakers Can Learn From TED Talks

Talk about great speeches! I’m going to assume that you already know about the world famous TED talks: it’s where people are invited to come and give an 18 minute speech about something that has to do with Technology, Entertainment, or Design (i.e. TED). TED conferences remind us about the importance of public speaking.

Good Presentation Skills: How To Make A Great Impact While Avoiding Common Mistakes

There are many ways to stumble and fall when giving a speech in front of peers and colleagues. Many people in the United States fear public speaking more than they fear death. This public speaking fear is caused by the ridicule that people are afraid of experiencing if their presentation is a failure. However, with the right amount of preparation, and some knowledge of good presentation skills, you can very easily sidestep some of the most glaring public speaking mistakes

Basic Presentation Skills: How to Craft Effective Speech Openings

The opening of your speech or presentation needs to hook your audience. If you can’t capture their attention straightaway, then there is a good chance that your entire presentation is doomed from the beginning. One crucial basic presentation skill you need to know is how to craft an effective opening that hooks your audience and draws them in. Here are four tips to help you accomplish that.

How Vocal Abuse and Public Speaking Go Hand-In-Hand

One of the greatest challenges for those whose careers involve public speaking is vocal abuse. We see it with many who make a living by addressing an audience – from political candidates like Hillary Clinton to world-renowned motivational speakers like Anthony Robbins. Other career choices that involve heavy use of the voice include aerobics instructors, coaches, teachers, ministers, business trainers, and even stay-at-home moms who may be inclined to yell a lot throughout their day.

William Shakespeare, Mark Twain and The Gunning Fog Index

Mark Twain & William Shakespeare knew the secret to engaging with an audience. It is all about writing and speaking in simple, plain English. Take a leaf out of their books by using the Gunning Fog Index to improve your speech writing, report writing and business writing.

Research Your Audience Before You Speak

As a rule, I ALWAYS do advanced research on a group I plan to speak to. I regularly customize my message to meet the unique makeup of each gathering. Before I speak, regardless of the topic, I try to understand the unique personality, wants, needs and learning styles of the group.

Writing: Use Questions to Engage Your Reader

A good writer or speaker uses questions not only to get answers but also for other different reasons, such as: to put his or her own point across better, to challenge the facts of an opponent, to emphasize key points, to organize and sequence the argument at hand, etc. Among the questioning techniques commonlly used is the venerable Rhetorical Questiopn.

How To Overcome Your Fear of Speaking In Public: The You In You

Here’s a unique approach to overcoming public speaking the easy way – by just being you. Forget the conventional tips and tricks you’ve heard about speaking in public and just be yourself.

New Techniques For Dealing With Every Speaker’s Biggest Fear: Stage Fright

We’d all like to become better public speakers. However, that’s simply not going to happen if we are too afraid to get up there and give our speech. Even if we can get on stage, no matter how good our audience’s listening skills are, we may be constantly battling our fears and it’s going to take away from the speech that we give. How can a speaker overcome stage fright?

How to Write Presentations and Avoid Data Dumping

Most public speakers try to cover way too much information in way too little time. However, if you focus on just a few key points, you will increase the retention of your audience dramatically and make your presentation easier to deliver.

I Love Being A Speech Writer

I love being a speech writer. I am not saying that it is superior to any other profession, just that I love doing it. Firstly, there is the intellectual challenge of writing a speech.

Public Speaking: What Is the Bottom Line?

If you desire to be a public speaker, then you have a goal that needs to be met if you are going to be successful in your career. I am not talking about the wedding toasting, the valedictorian speech, or a travel presentation to a senior citizens group. I am talking specifically about the persuasive presentation.

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