Could You Make an Edgy Comedy Today?

Learning From TED Talks

TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design is now owned by the Sapling Foundation, a non profit organisation set up by Chris Anderson, and produces or inspires conferences across the world. While each conference has its own unique theme, all TED conferences have a goal to foster the spread of great ideas.

Using the Fast Phobia Cure for Your Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of public speaking is extremely common. It’s often said that’s actually higher up than the fear of death. And with stories of actors and comedians “dying on stage” – even though that’s being metaphorical – that fear has built up in a lot of people.

How Twitter Can Help You To Become A Better Public Speaker

It’s the ability to share your material with an audience before you have to that allows us to build better speeches. It turns out that each and every one of us can do this before our next speech…

Public Speaking Tips: Making Your Voice Sound Lower

Would you like a lower speaking voice? Perhaps you are over 21 and think your voice sounds too young. Maybe you feel that your voice is wimpy, strident, harsh, whispery, or nasal. The good news is that you actually have a deeper or lower voice inside of you. It is there just waiting to be discovered.

Tips on Preparing a Successful Presentation

A successful presentation is not a coincidence. It is an art, a performance created for a unique audience. The key to success is the careful mix of your personality and the workshop tools available: words, gestures, and interpersonal skills. The presenter has to adopt the clients’ perspective and be attentive to their needs, while simultaneously striving to achieve his or her own objectives.

Afraid Of Public Speaking No More

When I was in the eighth grade, I used to be a shy, diffident girl of thirteen. I used to have a serious case of stage fright. Basically, I wasn’t comfortable being the center of attention, thus public speaking was not really my forte.

How to Successfully Influence and Persuade Through Body Language

Your body language is constantly speaking for you – even when you are silent, you are communicating. Body language can either help get your message across clearly or send the wrong message entirely. Ensuring your nonverbal communication is congruent is your key to success.

Extreme Success Tips for the Professional Speaker: Creating Your Program Proposal

Are you a professional speaker or an amateur on the way to professional speaking? Learn how to creating a winning proposal for your presentation, program or workshop.

5 Tips For How A Public Speaker Should Handle A Holiday Toast

It is never too early to start planning on what you’re going to be saying in public during the next holiday season. More often than not, there will be gatherings of friends, family, or perhaps coworkers. When a group of people get together, there is always a desire to wish each other good luck. The easiest way to go about doing is by offering a toast. Since we all realize the importance of public speaking, perhaps we should talk about how you should go about crafting the toast that you are going to be giving…

Are You Using Enough Questions?

Here are three kinds of questions you should be incorporating into your speeches. By incorporating these questions, you will better engage your audience.

A Positive Attitude Ain’t Gonna Get You There: 3 Quick Ways to Get Clients Into Your Business Now

Hope is not a business strategy! Here are three quick ways to get clients into your business now, so you don’t have to rely on “hope.”

Don’t Even Think About Staying Stuck – Reach Your Goals!

Have you ever had the experience of knowing what you really wanted, but having no idea how to get there from here? Here are three tips to help you get what you want!

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