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How to Use the Fear of Public Speaking to Your Advantage

Everyone knows that the fear of speaking before an audience is universal. Don’t let your fears keep you from pursuing a fulfilling career as a speaker. It is possible to overcome your fear, and actually use it to your advantage.

Storytelling in Public Speaking Is a Vital Part of Your Delivery

When you give a speech or presentation, do you include stories or anecdotes in your material? If not, you should. Anecdotes and stories are not only interesting for your audience but they also lend credibility to you as a speaker; and, one of your goals as a speaker is to establish this reliability. Your audience needs to be able to trust in your worthiness to speak on a particular topic.

7 Steps to an Excellent Business Presentation

This article will provide you with a 7 step procedure to get ready for an excellent business presentation. It is primarily focused on the preparation of an effective presentation or demo. It includes research on your public, need analysis, brainstorming,…

English Abuse Epidemic! 4 Common Strains of the Disease

Fewer and fewer of us recognize that serious mistakes are widespread, and that our ability to communicate clearly is just breaking down. Here I’ll just focus on several of what I regard as by far the most egregious felonies in terms of epidemic English abuse – errors that have been proliferating within recent years.

Pearls of Wisdom Series 6: How to Prepare and Deliver a Speech

Let’s say you’re in a speech class and you need to write and prepare a speech. You’re shy about speaking in public. Worse yet, you don’t know what to say and there’s a fear that people will judge you. Well, keep reading this article to find out how to not only write and prepare a speech, but also how to effectively deliver it.

Captivate Your Audience With Provocative Questions

We succeed in various facets of life when we ask powerful questions, worded so skillfully that they generate the desired results. Examples: “So you are ready to place your order now?” “Will you marry me?” “Can I consider what you just said a firm job offer?” Likewise–as this article explains–the most effective speakers pose provocative questions that captivate their audiences and maintain attention.

Keynote Speakers For Award Ceremonies

One of the most popular award presentation that is shown in many countries worldwide has got to be the Academy Awards. This is a prestigious award to be given to any film, movie, short film, animation, or a music artist for their soundtrack in a movie.

The Top 4 Tips for Promoting Yourself As a Professional Speaker

Promoting yourself as a professional speaker is not like promoting any other product because what you are really marketing is yourself. That fact alone should shift your perspective as you consider the best ways to market your business. The strategies you choose will have a huge impact on your career. Here are the top 4 tips for promoting yourself as a professional speaker.

How to Prepare PowerPoint Presentation to Use As Speaker Support at a Conference

Presenting to an audience, whether associates, clients, or general public can be a daunting prospect. This article is aimed to help avoid some of the common pitfalls presenters make when preparing slides for a conference or event.

The Joy of Speaking

Over the years, I have done countless Keynote Presentations and speaking engagements. I’ve travelled all around the world to speak. After years of practice, I’ve come up with 5 main things that I do when I speak.

How to Write Charisma Into an Effective Speech

Charisma is perhaps the highest ticket item on any audience’s list to keep them glued to their seats in a presentation. Any audience member knows that the first thing a public speaker must do as he or she steps onto a stage is they MUST instantly engage their audience. It has been proven: the most avid listeners are those who have been immediately and continuously engaged by the presenter’s charisma.

How Professional Speakers Make Money With EBooks

Writing an ebook can put you on the map as a speaker, and establish you as an authority in your niche. Writing an ebook, and having it on the market, can happen far quicker than going the route of traditional publishing. Here are some of the basics for getting started with your ebook.

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