Clay Newcomb Explains the Metaphor of “Bear Grease”

Public Speaking: Attune Your Instrument

I just saw “Whiplash,” the 2014 movie that won a Best Actor Oscar for J.K. Simmons as an abusive jazz music teacher. Beyond the unremitting cruelty, I was struck by the precision of the minute adjustments required by professional musicians to keep their instrument in perfect tune. (Much of the film involves masterful young musicians playing great ensemble jazz in real time with top-of-the-line equipment.)

Connect With Your Audience – Re-LIVE Your Story

Want to develop a faster and deeper connection with your audience? Don’t make the common mistake of re-telling your story. Read how a well-known athlete created a bond with an audience of 1,000 by taking them into his story.

Realize That Your Speech Begins Earlier And Ends Later Than You Thought

Most speech instruction and coaching centers around the presentation itself, while this article calls attention to the messages we also send before and after our speeches. The pre-speech and post-speech messages must match and support the impression the speaker gives while addressing the audience.

Stand OUT! Public Speaking Tip: Where to Find Your WHY? Story

The seeds of your most important values and beliefs were sown early in life. Learn how to find the stories that best demonstrate why you do what you do.

The One Basic Point Most Presenters Fail To Grasp

Before you even begin to prepare a talk, and certainly before you ever stand up in front of a group to speak, there is one very basic question you really should have figured out the answer to. What’s the point? To put it another way, what are you trying to achieve?

Public Speakers Want To Know How To Be Funny

If there is anything that we would like to happen during our next speech then it is to be remembered. How to go about making that happen is something that we spend a great deal of time trying to figure out. We know about the importance of public speaking and so we use fancy words, we bring interesting props, we do all sorts of things that we think will help both us and our message to stick in our audience’s mind after we are done speaking. However, it turns out that there is one thing that if we were to do it correctly would get us what we are looking for: make our audience laugh.

Public Speaking Lessons From the First Knight

What can a Knight of the Round Table teach you about speaking? Three key elements that will make you as great from the platform as the Knight was with a sword.

Is the Curse of Knowledge Keeping the Audience From Hearing Your Speech?

Knowledge can be a blessing, and a curse. Learn how in-depth knowledge of your subject may be alienating you from you audience, and how to correct that problem.

Trauma Is Transformed

You are dying as you read this. You are also birthing something as you finish this. There are about 75 trillion cells in the human body. Each cell is individuated with a specific task and a life span. They die before “us” and are replaced with new cells. They also outlive us. According to Forensics specialist, when a person dies, their cells take another day or so before they are all dead. Essentially, we are in the state of an ongoing resurrection with parts of us dying being replaced with parts of us being born. No wonder I am not the same person I was last year.

Public Speaking Tip: Are You Making the “$180 Million Mistake” When You Speak?

Listening to your prospect client, or event planner, can make the difference between a presentation that is quickly forgotten, or one that is remembered long after you speak. It can also increase the odds that you’ll be asked back time-and-time again.

Sell With a Story – In 2 Minutes

Every day you are selling – ideas, products, or services. The quickest way to break down the barriers between you and others is to share brief stories that create emotional connections. Learn how to begin the process of crafting memorable and meaningful short stories.

So Many Speakers Make This Mistake – Here’s How To Avoid It!

I was watching a speaker the other day I had looked forward to hearing. In many ways he was very accomplished. He certainly knew his subject and he spoke with passion about it.

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