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Guide to Be a Better Public Speaker

Most people would rather die than speak publicly. What they don’t realize is that the majority of successful public speakers felt the same way before they were exposed to the tools they needed to be confident, charismatic and influential.

Your Body Is Talking in Public Speaking – What Is Yours Saying?

Body language. It is a term we hear much about from articles, books, and the media. There is even a crime show, called “Lie to Me,” in which the main character specializes in interpreting the microexpressions and body language of others, cleverly changing his own body language to further unsettle the suspect.

Practical Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Learning how to overcome a fear of public speaking is really quite simple. If you follow the tips stated here, you will show more confidence when speaking in public in no time.

How to Rehearse a Speech – Without a Mirror

No, this is not anything to do with superstition, it’s to do with rehearsal. Yes, you have to rehearse, but never, never stand in front of a mirror to practice your speech. I know that many presentation experts will tell you that mirror rehearsals are a good idea.

How to Cut Your Speech at Short Notice

Those words that strike chill into the heart of a speaker “Sorry, we’re running a bit late – can you cut your speech in half?” – should cause you no concern (OK, maybe a little). In a well-run event, you should never have to face this challenge, but believe me, it will happen at some point, so you need to know how to handle it.

How to Keep Your Speech On-Topic

Speeches are very simple. Imagine two circles on a page. One contains all of your knowledge. The other contains audience interest. They must overlap.

Speaking Tips to Get Your Voice Heard and Your Point Across

Do you sometimes have a hard time getting someone to listen to you? Have you ever explained something to someone multiple times and yet they still don’t get your point? Did you ever have the exact same point as someone else yet he was understood and you weren’t? This happens to a lot of people and you can avoid it by following some simple easy speaking tips.

Make Full Use of The Stage

There are few public speaking articles talking about movement on the stage, especially how to make full use of the whole stage. You’ll find out in this article.

Preparing Your Speech

The groom’s speech, with some thought, should not be so difficult to write. Just speak from the heart and follow these guidelines. Firstly, forget trying to write a full reference and intelligent stories. What makes a wedding speech is a great heart and say something special about people who are involved in the wedding ceremony.

Your Groom Speech Guideline

The average person hates giving speeches and the groom is no different. Some people are physically ill when they have to face an audience. But the discourse must be done anyway. Think about your wedding speech as an opportunity to express your love for your girlfriend in front of family and friends.

Four Basic Speech Types: Do You Want to Persuade, Inform, Inspire or Entertain?

Public speaking is much more than just “standing up and saying a few words.” Any audience has certain expectations that they hope will be met by any speaker, no matter what the occasion. They want you to be clear, interesting and tell them something they don’t already know. There are 4 basic types of speeches that you can use to accomplish those goals.

How to Face Your Fear

One of the smartest things you can do, in helping yourself to develop as a polished and seasoned speaker, is to hire a personal coach, the problem is when you tell people that, one of the first things that come into their minds is, most personal coaches are expensive, and even if these weren’t challenging economic times facing us, couldn’t afford a personal speaking coach. Well the good news is that you can hire one of the best speaking coaches money can buy….

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