Chris Cuomo’s Indefinite Suspension from CNN

Performance Anxiety and Panic Attacks – Are Career Busters

Are your options for career advancement limited due to performance anxiety and panic attacks? What I’m about to share may resonate with many that are somewhat successful in their jobs but lack the confidence to speak in public when required because of overwhelming emotions of anxiety or experience of a panic attack.

How to Talk Your Way Out of Public Speaking Fear

Do you have fear of public speaking or stage fright? The good news is that you already hold the key to speaking successfully. Learn the secret in this article of confident public speaking, which is something you’ve been doing your whole life!

The Purpose of Public Speaking

From the days of the earliest storytellers, people have spoken to each other to convey common human experiences. Sharing these experiences brings together people from many different lifestyles and helps them to connect. In today’s world, there are at least four reasons for public speaking.

Is There a Difference Between Male and Female Audiences?

You bet. Generally speaking, women make better audiences for one specific reason: they laugh more. Male audiences, on the other hand, are more difficult because of ego. And, it does not matter whether you, as the speaker, are male or female. The results are the same either way.

5 Tips for Improving the Sound of Your Speaking Voice

When it comes to public speaking, it never ceases to amaze me how many people profess a desire to improve their presentation skills, learn how to create their material or script properly, and work on their delivery skills, yet never concern themselves with the sound of their speaking voice. In any form of communication, your voice is the vehicle for your words. Could your voice use some work?

Why Your Speech’s Ending Doesn’t Work And What To Do About It

Quiz time: what’s the most important part of your next speech? The opening? The points that you make in the middle to support your position or idea? Nope, it’s the close. The last few words out of your mouth are the ones that will have the greatest impact on your audience. Since this is true, why are you doing such a poor job with your speech endings?

How to Choose a Motivational Speaker

Are you about to spend thousands of dollars on a conference? You will almost certainly be including a motivational speaker as part of your programme so how do you go about ensuring you select one who will add value to your event and give your delegates some real take home value? Read on for advice on getting the best.

Moving on Stage – When and How to Move on Stage When Speaking

Moving and walking on stage can enhance a speech and add impact, but done incorrectly can be distracting and annoying. Learn three reasons to move on stage, and when and how to use each one.

Public Speaking Secrets

Many people worry about delivering a speech at a wedding, corporate event or even in front of a few people they know. In this article, I will give you the tips and techniques that will make your next speech a winner.

Public Speaking Is Not Easy But There Are Many Helpful Techniques We Can Learn From Others

Being a ‘Public Speaker’ was one of the very last things I wanted to do, but I knew from an early age that that is where I would end up. It started away back in 1964 and it has never ceased. I have just been speaking about Jesus Christ walking past the Temple and how Jesus took what He saw and applied it to those disciples with whom He was walking. Very few people find it easy, but some of us have learned the challenging lessons the hard way over these past years! What matters most is the content! Your topic must have meaningful relevant content!

Don’t Bore Your Audience With PowerPoint In Your Speech

PowerPoint is a tool that speakers love to use in their presentation. However, there are some people who use it well and many that don’t. Learn some of the ways you can use PowerPoint in order to make your presentation powerful and memorable.

Help, I Have to Give an Acceptance Speech

You have just been notified that you have been selected as employee of the year. Or you have just won volunteer of the year. You will be honored at a banquet and will receive an award. You know you will have to say something, but what?

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