Charles Oliveira’s Shocking Submission of Dustin Poirier

Unwrapping The Truth of Motivational Speaker and Keynote Speaker

They were listening without utterance, without discussing. They were experiencing a flight of their thoughts of their past, thoughts of fear, thoughts of failure, situation of stress, and moments of extreme impatience.

Why Do We Have The Fear Of Public Speaking?

Fears can be of various types. One category of fear is the fear of unknown. People fear unknown places, unknown people, unknown things and unknown experiences. The fear of public speaking stems from the natural tendency of the human mind to fear the unknown.

Top Tips for Timing Your Talk

In this brief article Tony James demonstrates how crucial correct timing is and presents a startling angle on how to evaluate your presentation. Apply the simple tips given and ensure that the ‘time’ your audience gives you is repaid in the value you give them.

How to Use Humor in Your Wedding Speech

It is the happiest day of your or your friend’s life, you are seated in front of a hundred guests. Each is gathered for the wedding. Of course, the part you dread is coming up, the speech. Don’t panic, get up there and give your lines. Use a little humor to break in the ice. Humor, when used properly can be a good way to open up to the audience.

If They ALL Came to Hear You, Do Not Focus on Just One Person in Your Audience!

Every once in a while, I watch a speaker who has a great message but whose delivery is marred by one major flaw: he or she directs his or her attention to only one person in the room. It is unnerving because I feel that the speaker is not interested in talking to me.

If You Dislike Hearing Your Voice, Do You Think Anyone Else Likes It?

One of the great myths we tell ourselves is that the voice we hear on our voicemail, answering machine, or some other type of recording equipment is not true. In fact, we tend to forget it after turning off the machine or stopping the tape. Rest assured that no matter how poor the quality of the equipment, what you hear on that recording is truer than what you hear in your head.

Meditation Can Cure Your Public Speaking Anxiety

Public speaking can be one of the most strenuous things that many people can conceive of. It conjures up all kinds of worry and anxiety. It can be a disadvantage to your career and your personal life if you are unwilling or afraid of speaking in front of a group of people. Worry not, meditation can help you overcome your anxiety and worry and help you remain calm and balanced up on the platform.

What Everyone Should Know About Public Speaking

The ability to speak in public in many cases goes ignored by individuals to be trivial or even they might believe that they’ll in no way end up being known as being able to talk in public places, this is exactly why they don’t trouble themselves to become familiar with any kind of speaking in public abilities. The fact is, more often than not, it’s these folks that usually obtain language blocks as well as becoming associated with complete crisis when dealing with the chance that they’ll be requested to speak on a subject in public places, even a subject…

Good Speakers Know How To Work A Room

Speakers who want to be successful know that they have to connect with their audience. How to do this is the ultimate question that we’ve struggled with for years. I’m not claiming that I have all of the answers, but when I recently gave a keynote speech I had a chance to practice my “working the room” skills…

Do You Have Great Motivation? Try Being a Life Coach!

I have been asked this question. “What does it take to be a great motivational speaker and coach?” I believe these are the minimum requirements for someone to be not only a great motivational speaker and coach, but a great life coach.

Three Steps to Becoming A Really Bad Ass Public Speaker

As a public speaker you are in the best position to make the most money in a bad economy. This article reveals the real secret that makes this possible.

When Your Fear Becomes a Deterrent in Public Speaking

For some people, just the thought of public speaking is enough to make them nauseous. What is fascinating about that fear is that if it keeps you from getting a raise or a promotion or if it keeps you from marketing your business from a stage, then congratulations, your fear is winning the war!

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