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Paralyzed by Public Speaking?

Public speaking is the number one fear–greater than airplane travel and even death. How do you get rid of those butterflies, nausea, hand shaking and hoarse voice?

Creating Instant Audience Connection

Picture this scenario… You’re sitting in the audience and the speaker makes his way onto the stage. After a brief intro he regales you with story after story of how he became successful. He even shows you a snapshot of his latest, astonishing five-figure check. A summary of his talk might go like this:

Public Speaking Basics For Authors

Not all authors are natural speakers, but it is becoming more and more necessary for authors to develop their speaking skills. Presentations, appearances, interviews, and other speaking engagements are an increasing part of how authors build and connect with their platforms. To make the most of those opportunities, you-the author-need to develop your speaking skills.

Public Speaking Tips – The Importance of Eye Contact in Public Speaking

Eye contact is notable for being a fundamental aspect in public speaking. Professional public speakers sometimes even stress eye contact over content management.

Nervousness Is the Charm in Public Speaking – Do You Feel Lucky?

If you know your material really well, make eye contact with your audience, speak as if in conversation, breathe before and during your delivery, and believe in yourself, then your nervousness is the charm. Trying to eliminate it, stop it, or end that wonderful rush of adrenaline is not the answer.

Overcome Public Speaking Fears

Tips on how to overcome your fear of public speaking. You don’t have to go through life feeling humiliated or with feeling of being laughed at. Take action.

In Public Speaking, How Important Is the Sound of Your Voice?

You have written a prize-winning speech. You have practiced it out loud. You arrive at your speaking engagement with time to spare. You walk to the podium nervous, but confident. You acknowledge your audience with a smile and open your mouth to speak.

Things to Remember While Writing a Good Speech

No matter what the topic is, a good speech is one that keeps your audience captivated and interested in what you are saying. A combination of logic, sentiment and enthusiasm is what makes a great speech.

3 Simple Speaking Tips To Double Your Conversion Rate

Don’t worry about where to hold your hands or how to stand. Discover 3 simple and powerful tips that will keep your audience amazed and double your conversion rate.

The Best Man Speech – 3 Important Things to Never Do When Presenting the Best Man Speech

How embarrassing! When asked to be the best man at my brothers wedding, I never imagined the excruciating embarrassment of the best man speech.

The Best Way to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Now you’re asking me “How can I be an expert speaker, just like you? How can I improve my public speaking skills?” I really admire your enthusiasm and it’s not as hard as you think.

Overcoming Stage Fright – 10 Best Public Speaking Tips to Master

Public speaking and stage fright are just some of the common fears we deal with as part of human nature. Negative reactions and resistance to speak in front o a crowd are quite normal patterns of human nature. However, this fear will take you nowhere, even to a happy lifestyle, if you will not look for ways to overcome stage fright effectively.

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