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Ditch Your PowerPoint and Start Making More Sales Now

PowerPoint can be great or it can be the crutch that ruins your presentation. Discover 3 methods that will free you from visual aides and get you on the path to doubling your sales. Simple and straight forward tactics that will increase your speaking conversion today.

5 Actions to Avoid in Public Speaking

If you have this overwhelming feeling the audience is judging every word you speak, here are five actions you want to avoid in public speaking. The result will be a polished, professional presentation.

Public Speaking Anxiety is Common

When I was taking my first psychology course in college, our professor was talking to us about different phobias and the anxieties they can cause. When she asked the class what people were most afraid of, about half of the students said speaking publicly. We would soon find out that public speaking anxiety is a relatively common phenomenon.

Getting Rid of Whatever-Itis

The tone of your voice carries 38% of your message. Do you sound bored when you need to sound enthused? Check out how to combat this distracting habit.

How to Overcome Nerves When Public Speaking

Nerves are a normal human reaction. Everyone gets nervous – you are not alone. Don’t let nerves affect your talk, learn to work with them.

How Do You Become the Best Public Speaker? Grab the Audience Through the Power of the Story

How do you become a great public speaker? By learning how to connect with the audience. You do this through the art of storytelling. People are hard-wired to learn and remember things through stories. If you can structure your speech like a story, you will have the audience rising out of their seats and cheering.

What Women Should Not Do When Giving a Speech

Many businesswomen make certain mistakes when giving a talk. Whether we like it or not, men are still automatically granted authority when they take center stage. Do you want to take control of an audience so you voice will be heard? You can.

Public Speaking Tips – Strategies on How to Overcome Stage Fright

Public speaking can be difficult for beginners who wish to explore their speaking abilities. In fact, it comes without any doubt that almost everyone starts off with shudders and the inability to conduct an audible and understandable speech. Stage fright is the culprit when it comes to public speaking.

Mastering The PowerPoint Beast In 3 Easy Steps

Can we all be honest here? PowerPoint is a part of everyone’s life no matter how you feel about it. We all seem to fall into one of three camps: we fear it, we love it too much, or we just don’t really know what to do with it. With a little help, I think that I can help you out here…

Healthy Tips For Voice Training

It may not be a part of your daily routine but your professional success, personal happiness and satisfaction in life is directly linked to your communication abilities. Not the words but vocabulary also counts when knowing if other people find you smart, funny, successful, emotional or strong.

Great Speaking? – It’s About Performance Over Content

Focusing 100% on your content when you speak is a recipe for disaster. Here’s a simple and powerful way to improve your public speaking performance and gain lasting influence.

A Breakthrough in Public Speaking Training

What if there was a way to remove much of the fear and anxiety you feel towards speaking in public? How would that change your life or career for the better? I’ll let your imagination run wild with that while I give you one of the easiest ways to reduce your public speaking fear immediately. Read on to discover what I and only a handful of others know about overcoming your fear of public speaking.

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