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The Best Way to Get Rid of Your Fear of Public Speaking

Even the most practised and professional public speakers have experienced nervousness when standing in front of an audience. Discover the consistent method that they have used to overcome their fear of public speaking and improve their public speaking skills.

How to Conclude Your Father of the Bride Speech

You never thought this day would come, but there is your daughter. She looks stunning in her dress and you are proud of her. It is time for your speech, but you are still struggling for an ending.

How to Give a Speech That Will “Knock Their Socks Off!”

Have you ever wondered what it takes to give a speech? This article covers three areas to consider when deciding to give a speech. Material, Appearance and Connection. This is a beginners approach on what it takes to begin the journey of being a public speaker.

Use Your Mind, But Speak From Your Heart at the Lectern

While knowledge of your speech or presentation is invaluable in public speaking, if you are unable to speak from your heart, then all your knowledge is for naught. The best in public speaking are those who are able to excite, captivate, and enthrall their listeners. And, none of those adjectives are possible if your heart is not involved in the process.

If Your Eyes Are the Windows to Your Soul, What Are Yours Saying in Public Speaking?

When I work with my clients in color – the life, the emotion, the animation we express in speaking – one of the many exercises we cover is one in which they must say, “She said yes,” in a fearful manner. Many people have difficulty saying those three words as if they were in fear. Of course, I jokingly tell them to imagine that their mother-in-law is coming to stay with them for 6 months! Upon hearing this, many are then able to express those words admirably.

Three Simple Steps to Warm Up to a Cold Camera Lens

Do you find it easier to talk to people than relate to a camera? Many people are accustomed to seeing that immediate feedback or even a simple nod of understanding from a live audience. An expressionless dark lens, however, is outside the comfort zone for many!

How to Get It Right – Posture and Movement in Speech Making

Knowing that even before you start speaking your audience will start to evaluate your ability to deliver the goods on your presentation, there is a need to be conscious of every little detail from the minute you arrive the venue until you make your presentation. It is all about increasing your believability level and your ability to establish a connection with your audience on all fronts. When called to make your presentation, it is preferable to walk smartly to the lectern with your head raised and your shoulders square. This subtly tells the audience that a confident person is about to speak to them and will most likely boost their expectations of you. Having said that it is up to you to justify their level of expectation and even go on to surpass their expectations.

Street Preaching 101

There is an art to street preaching. I hope this will help those willing to go out and serve God publicly.

Locating the Right Christian Keynote Speakers

Christian keynote speakers are quite beneficial to various types of business and spiritual events. They are very compelling and have a way of reaching out to the audience. There are a few questions that need to be answered before you can begin the search for the best Christian keynote speakers. First, determine the purpose of the meeting or event. What do you want to accomplish with these presenters?

Christian Public Speaker – Noticeable Qualities to Avoid

Speakers are great assets to have when your business or organization is trying to get a specific message across to an audience. However, a bad or poorly qualified speaker can prevent the audience from focusing on the message and cause them to lose interest quickly. There are qualities that make both good and bad presenters. You can get a good idea of the speaking style and personal presentation of a Christian public speaker by viewing video of their events or watching them in person.

A Disabled Motivational Speaker Provides Additional Encouragement

If you have ever listened to a motivating speaker, then you already know the skills they possess to reach an audience and get results. People that have become disabled due to unforeseen circumstances battle all sorts of demons. Their life is often changed forever and it can be hard for them to see the positive parts of their life. You may work, go to school with, or even see someone disabled and wonder how they get through each day and maintain their positive attitude.

Christian Inspirational Speakers – Why Should They Be Considered For Your Next Church Event?

Is your church getting ready to have a spiritual gathering or other event? If so, you probably need some uplifting speakers to motivate the audience and get them involved. Christian inspirational speakers are a great choice for these types of events because they can inspire the audience while making references to spirituality and worship. Christian speakers are able to present any topic in a more motivating manner.

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