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The Myth Of A Natural Talent in Public Speaking

Most of us, when we listen to a particularly good speaker on the stage, marvel at both his skill and the level of talent that he is displaying. We simply “know” that he must have been born with this innate ability, this natural talent – to do just this. He must also find it easy to do as he is just so eloquent and polished. The reality is probably the complete opposite of what we believe.

4 Points Towards A Successful Motivational Speech

Always remember that motivational speakers attempt to motivate and inspire people into being more efficient towards their lives and their careers. These speakers try their very best to make each one of their audience understand their methods and concepts and inspire them thoroughly to be productive.

How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint When Speaking In Public

I can almost guarantee that at some stage you have sat through a BORING presentation when the presenter has simply parroted exactly what is written on the power point screen behind them. This presentation has become their version of a “security blanket”. A guarantee that they won’t lose their place and stumble over their speech. However, for an audience it is simply “Death By PowerPoint!” Check out these tactics to avoid this happening to you.

Public Speaking – 6 Rules for Choosing Words for Your Speech

As a speaker, words are the tools of our trade. Being able to string a whole lot of words together and create an interesting and logical sequence from them is what we are hired to do. No matter how much “gift of the gab” you have been blessed with, it is important that you learn to focus on the words that you use and the ones that you abuse. Here are some rules to using words in your speech.

Mnemonic Devices Come To The Aid Of Public Speakers

You’ve got great ideas trapped in you. You know the importance of public speaking and you want to use your speaking skills to make your audience’s lives better. The problem is that if you aren’t careful, what you say during your speech will just go in one ear and out the next. How can you make your next speech more “sticky”?

How to Perk Up Your PowerPoint

Use “Glance & Grab” to Perk Up Your PowerPoint. YouTube videos satirize them. Bestsellers criticize them. And we all dread them. I’m talking about those dense, badly organized, put-you-to-sleep PowerPoint presentations. Why do people keep plodding down the typical tedious PowerPoint path? Many are often surprised to learn there’s a better way to get their message across – by using what I call the “glance & grab” approach. Here’s how to make it work for your next PowerPoint…..

Why Your Nervousness Increases Your Breathlessness in Public Speaking

There is no doubt that, for many novice speakers, breathlessness is an annoying problem. It goes hand-in-hand with a voice that rises in pitch and a speed that goes faster and faster. None of these ‘qualities’ are beneficial in public speaking.

Five Concerns That Are Unnecessary When Public Speaking

Worries over public speaking are generally not the real worry that people have. Here are five things that you don’t need to worry about that may put your concerns into perspective.

Tips for Leaving the Audience Wanting More

You’ve heard it a million times – whether from your mother or your teachers – “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This is never truer than in public speaking. However, it is a common assumption that the first three to five minutes of a presentation is the place we make our first impression. If we continue with this belief we overlook our true opportunity to get off on the right foot.

Develop Your Distinctive Public Speaking Style

Once you have conquered your fears and taken command of your subject matter, you must work on your delivery. In the same way that you develop a distinctive writing style, you also must develop a distinctive style in your public speaking.

What Makes a Cruise Ship Speaker Tick?

Cruise ship speakers not only make a fortune from their skill, but they also tour the world for free. If you think this is an exaggeration, then you probably haven’t yet met anyone who earns their living by speaking on cruise ships. If you still hold the misconception that speaking on cruises is only for professional speakers, then it’s time to change your mind.

Five Abilities a Public Speaker Possesses

A good public speaker possesses a number of abilities that the average person does not. Most of us in a conversation follow the last person speaking as the conversation swings from side to side like a lazy river making its way through the hills of a low country. Not so with a public speaker. The good public speaker has five areas that set them apart.

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