Blaire White Tells Joe About Her DMT Experience

Christian Public Speaker – A Flexible Choice for Any Presentation Or Event

A Christian public speaker can present a topic at any event. They are just as effective as long as their experience and presentation background include the message being conveyed. These speakers are often shied away from for less personal events because of their religious knowledge. The fear of offending audience members shadows the many benefits these presenters have to offer.

Beginning Your Speech – 7 Techniques To Open Your Speech With Impact

Your audience decides within seven seconds if they like you. They decide within 30 seconds if they want to hear what you have to say. In this article, you will learn seven techniques professional speakers use that will help you open your speeches with impact and get your audiences to say, “Tell me more”.

Improve Your Presentation Skills – Avoid Being a Stand Up Comic

A humorous look at presentations and how to avoid being a stand up comic. Presentations can be daunting; yet there can be a good deal hanging on them, they directly affect finances, reputations, personal image, even careers.

Motivational Speaker: How To Hire One

A motivational speaker for your event can easily provide your audience with a sense of purpose and understanding, thus creating a feel-good time that everyone can enjoy and relate to. Conversely, a bad speaker can only detract from the event, causing boredom and anxiety for the people who didn’t wish to come in the first place.

How to Run an Effective Meeting – Six Simple Tips to Help Make Your Next Meeting Run Smoother

Whether you have to conduct a meeting of three people or 300, there are a few very simple tips you can utilize to make sure the attendees get more out of the meeting and help attendees feel it was worth their time. This article outlines them in a quick fashion.

How To Instantly Engage Your Audience

World class public speakers are masters at getting their audience engaged in the first couple of minutes. They know that this is the key to effective and powerful public speaking. Use this simple process, based on behavioral styles, to engage any audience, anywhere, any time!

Tips to Inviting a Keynote Speaker

Care should be taken when selecting your next keynote speaker for your company event. Much thought is given on the food, entertainment and outdoor setting. With just the right speaker, you’ll get all the credit the next day afterwards!

Six Steps for Dealing With a Hostile Or Indifferent Audience

Whether you’re delivering a presentation in person or electronically (by teleseminar or webinar), you might sometimes find yourself dealing with a less-than-ideal audience. They might be frustrated, annoyed, angry, upset or even just indifferent. How do you bring them around – or at least to the point where they’re willing to listen to your message?

Motivational Speakers for Business

Whilst we might think of motivational speakers as featuring predominantly in the world of sport, they are actually increasingly used in business. In the past, business speakers with a particular area of expertise were drafted in to give advice in the workplace, but increasingly employers are giving more importance to morale, attitudes in the workplace and openness to learn and improve. This explains why motivational speakers are becoming more of a regular feature in training days, away days and conferences.

Utilizing The Pause When Public Speaking

Public speaking is an art form, and the best public speakers have a natural ability and flair that enables them to deliver interesting, provocative, and rousing speeches. But anyone can learn how to excel in public oration by carefully listening and mimicking the techniques of the best speakers.

Learn and Speak French Online

Learning how to speak French these days is not as complicated as you think. Thanks to the innovation of technology and anyone can now study the popular language of romance.

Can You Discover Your ‘Real’ Voice in a 2-Day Workshop?

Absolutely. In fact, given the right approach, you could enter the workshop in the morning with your ‘old’ voice and have lunch with your ‘new’ one. It happens that quickly. Of course, it is not a habit at that point, but it is the beginning of an amazing change in your life, both professionally and personally.

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