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Introducing a Speaker – How to Give an Introduction That Builds Audience Anticipation

A good introduction builds audience interest and anticipation, and makes the speaker feel important and welcomed. A bad introduction can bore the audience or embarrass the speaker. Use these tips to make sure you get it right.

Are You Just Presenting or Truly Engaging?

As a presenter, you can no longer rely on just a PowerPoint presentation – no matter how good – to engage your audience and keep them engaged. Modern audiences expect more – much more – and it’s up to you to deliver your presentations using a variety of tools and techniques.

Joke Telling Made Easy

Even at an early age, I wanted to be a comedian. I tried telling jokes from joke books, but I wasn’t very successful. So I studied comedians at my local comedy club. Eventually, I got the hang of it.

4 Tips to Add Interest to Your Speech

Public speaking can be very intimidating. Most people try to avoid it altogether; however, the time may come when you must give a speech or a presentation. The last thing you want is to be considered boring! You want to look at your audience and see them leaning forward in their chairs and listening intently to what you have to say.

Ten Things You Must Do Before Getting on That Business Stage

Have a clear message – You’re not going to just get up there and blah, blah, blah right? You are going to be persuasive, and you are going to create impact with your well-chosen words.

Speak to One, Look to All – A Simple Rule to Help You Connect With Your Audience

If you want to get a deep connection with your audience, you must use this technique. It’s what speaking coach Craig Valentine calls a “slight edge technique”. A slight change in the way you do things, that makes a significant difference in impact.

Seven Secrets to Creating an Engaging, Entertaining, and Persuasive Speech

Just as spices make your favorite meals more delicious to eat, vocal variety, the way we use our voice, vocal rates, pitch, tone, pausing, makes your presentation appetizing to the audience’s ear. When using a monotone voice to convey your message, you will lose your audience and your message will lose its power. When you use vocal variety in your presentation, you create a more engaging, entertaining, and persuasive audience experience. Learn the seven secrets to developing your vocal variety and giving an outstanding presentation every time.

How to Pitch a Speaking Engagement

You’ve been blogging and interacting to build your author platform, and now it’s time to get out there and connect with your audience live and in person-but how do you get those speaking engagements? It takes a combination of three things: relevant speaking topics that can be honed to a specific audience, a speaker’s press kit, and a customized pitch. Relevant Speaking Topics.

Commonwealth Games OR Kamao Wealth Games, Your Pick

Amidst of all the controversies related to endless scams, massive budget overruns, rampant alleged corruption, shoddy workmanship, poor planning, weak accountability, bureaucratic infighting and swindles associated with the Commonwealth Games. Contrary to all that, the recently concluded Games were a grand success. Indian contingent has shown their zeal and character and were second in the overall medals tally best ever in the terms of medal count.

What I Learned About Speaking From Florence La Rue and the 5th Dimension

Recently, I got the opportunity to see Florence La Rue and the 5th Dimension perform in Marina Del Rey, Ca. It was mesmerizing! I discovered that singing is a lot like speaking.

Make Your Nerves Work for You, When Public Speaking Or Presenting

Nervousness is wonderful, and can give you an edge. However, controlling it is the secret to allowing your nervousness work for you.  Here I give you ways you can use to control your nerves and be confident to make a good presentation, speech or talk.

How to Maximize Body Language Into Your Presentation

A vital and visible part of your presentation is the use of body language. It can be a factor to make or break a public speaker. Body language can be used to deliver your message with power. It helps to support what you have said in your speech or it can distract and cause you to lose your audience. If your body language denies your belief in the message you are presenting, you will come off as less credible and fail in your efforts at public speaker.

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