Ben O’Brien’s Grizzly Bear Encounter

The Key to Becoming a Powerful Motivational Speaker

Audiences most enjoy speakers who draw them into their speech as active participants. Double benefits accrue in these situations: the audience is also most likely to absorb, retain and benefit from your message when they actively participate. So, how exactly, you may ask, does an audience actually participate in a speech?

Public Speaking: The Most Important Part of Any Presentation

Unless your only objective is to make people laugh, there is only one prime reason for anyone speaking to a group: you want to move them to action, to do something specific. In rare instances, you’ll only be required to pass on information to your listeners. That might apply to University lecturers, school teachers or on-the-job training personnel. I say ‘might’ because even then, part of your teaching role is inspire your students to do something with your information.

Public Speakers Need To Put The Jigsaw Puzzle Together To Have A Good Closing

When it comes to wrapping up a speech that you are giving, you want to do it right and not leave your audience wondering why you stopped talking all of a sudden. Two great ways to do this are to use the “jigsaw puzzle” and the “future vision” closing techniques…

You Can Quote Me On These!

Most of these are my own, or modifications of ones I’ve read or heard at one time. At my age, there is lots of information in my brain, and it’s sometimes hard to sort it all out. Bottom line, it’s good stuff that I think you’ll find helpful!

How To Leverage Yourself As a Small Business Owner

If you want to rapidly grow your business and leverage yourself in your industry, you need to ad speaking to your arsenal of lead generation strategies. 3 myths that small business owners have about speaking.

Public Speaking – Marketing Using Webinars

Speaking is one of the most effective ways of positioning yourself as an expert in your industry, running webinars allows you to present to and from anywhere in the world. Running webinars is essential for anyone wanting to spread a message to anyone whether outside of their town, or those who find it difficult to get to a venue. Having the ability to stream live online to a large audience at very low cost allows businesses to present your self using video and slides.

Public Speaking Using a Cheat Sheet

You have trouble in public speaking? Maybe too much fear and anxiety? So why don’t you try to “trick” your own mind? Learn more now!

Speech Topics: I Have to Give a Speech, What Can I Talk About?

Everyone needs to give a short talk at some time or another. It might be for a speech class or a toastmasters meeting. If you have the option of picking your own topic these suggestions will help make your task easier. It’s important to pick a topic that interests you. Lack of interest will be apparent when you’re delivering the speech.

Public Speaking Tips – How to Get the Audience to Like You

Probably one of the most challenging but important task of public speaking is to get the audience to like you. So, as a public speaker, how do you get the audience to like you? What kind of preparations do you need to do in order to achieve that goal?

Why Public Speaking Is an Effective Tool

Whenever there is selling involved, whether they are ideas, products, or services, you would usually find someone in charge of communicating or selling to prospects. Public speaking usually makes for an effective tool especially when it comes to the subject of persuasive communication.

Students May Not Like It, But Speech Classes Prepare Them For Today’s Globalized Work Force

Communication skills are essential in today’s globalized and diverse society, so much that most junior colleges, colleges and universities – and even organizations and businesses – offer students and employees courses in effective communication. Learning to cut through the “semantic” noise is only one of the important skills today’s students are taught so they can learn to be competent communicators.

Discover One of the Little Known Secrets of Voice Training

One of the little known secrets of a good voice training course is that it will change your life for the better, both personally and professionally. Yes, your confidence will be bolstered and you will certainly sound more mature, but the improvements in your life will go far beyond your voice.

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