Ayaan Hirsi Ali on France’s Proposed Law Against Muslim Extremism

How Credible Are You As a Public Speaker?

Without a doubt, age is a factor in establishing credibility with an audience. I am sure that many people think that if you are older and being paid to address an audience, you must have something valuable to say. But what about novice speakers? How do these individuals, who may still be in their 20’s, get the opportunity to speak when no one knows who are they are?

The Best Way to Lose Credibility With Your Audience

I recently heard a ‘public speaker’ who was marketing himself as one who had made a lot of money from a book he had written. I caught this on video on the internet and counted my blessings that I hadn’t been in the audience, especially in the front row!

Acting and Public Speaking? Worlds Apart!

Acting and public speaking have only two things in common: both need an audience and both involve words coming out of your mouth. That is where the similarities end however. Actors who teach public speaking often disagree with me on this point because they fail to recognize that public speaking is the art of communicating with an audience whereas acting is a means of entertaining an audience.

6 Ways To Really Connect As A Speaker

I love watching a really good stand-up comedian. Of course, who you consider to be a really good comedian is a matter of taste, but all the successful ones share one trait – they know how to hold an audience’s attention.

From Letter Writing To Speech Writing

Speech Writing requires passion and believability in an approach to winning over an audience. Although, Speech Writing is an art form, it is not rocket science. Consider these “how-tos” of becoming a great writer of Speech.

Self-Defense Tactics Of Political Speakers

World wide, we constantly see and hear politicians in action–in speeches, debates, press conferences, and interviews. Yes, we get tired of their repetitive appearances, dominating radio, television, and the Internet. However, the communication strategies they use to get votes and gain support for their programs are worth analyzing. Let’s look at what politicians do to defend themselves verbally when their viewpoints and statements incite their opponents and the media.

Winning Ways to Sell Your Seminars Online and Off

There are so many ways for speakers to market their seminars today. There are strategies that can be employed both online and off. Some of the most successful speakers recommend using a combination of the best in online and off line marketing. Here are some basics to keep in mind for both.

Varied Opportunities for Cruise Speakers

There are a wide range of opportunities available for cruise ship speakers. Discover how being a speaker for a cruise ship is much more than being a lecturer.

What Makes You a Unique Speaker?

I love to watch and listen to good speakers, but I’m totally captivated when I hear great speakers. Most speakers give information, great speakers communicate information in a unique way.

How Public Speakers Sell Products Online

There are so many opportunities now for speakers to sell their products that did not exist before the development of the Internet. It has changed the way people search for information and products. The Internet has improved the chances for small businesses, contractors and individuals to build a reputation, and be reached by people from all around the world. This is true for speakers as well.

Use Motivational Quotes to Achieve Success and Attain Goals

Motivation can move mountains. We humans have strived to reach our ambitions and goals. Yet there are times that we tend to get off track from our purpose and meaning. This is only natural because humans go through highs and lows over time.

Media Training 101: Speculation

One of the toughest aspects of a media interview for many is having to answer a question they don’t know the answer to. In fact, journalists and reporters often count on you not knowing the answer and have no problem letting you “speculate” on the issue. The trouble for the rest of us is that nobody wants to be seen as NOT having the answers.

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